Fun in the dark – Phi Alpha Delta hosts GlowKick event

By Kiersten Resch, Features Editor – November 10

On November 4, Phi Alpha Delta hosted a glow-in-the-dark kickball game in the Campus Recreation Center field house. Students could sign up in teams of nine players or sign up individually to play this stress-relieving game.

Phi Alpha Delta is the professional fraternity for the law students here at RWU. Their fraternity gives students support as they earn their degree and as they advance into the real world and through the progression of their career. They are also one of the largest active networks of attorneys around the world.

Upon entering the field house, students were welcomed by the Vice Justice of Phi Alpha Delta. With a warm welcome and waivers signed, players and spectators were ushered to the snack and drink table where they could grab free chips, apples, juice pouches, and water. The field house was a buzz of activity with players practiced kicking the light-up soccer ball and warmed up for the game while spectators talked amongst themselves and to the players.

Once the majority of the teams had arrived, the lights in the field house were turned off as screams of excitement echoed off the walls. The rules were told to the first two teams as students, faculty members, and members of Phi Alpha Delta gathered around the outskirts of the field house in anticipation of the game.

The bases were marked with an “x” of glow-in-the-dark tape and had glow-in-the-dark cones on either side of them for players to have an easier time seeing them in the dark. From the sidelines, spectators could see vague outlines of the players illuminated slightly by color-coordinated glow necklaces. With the first game underway, lights started illuminating the ceiling of the field house. Suddenly, the room was filled with pop music from a WQRI DJ.

One team waiting for their chance to play was the Kickaholics Anonymous, a clever play of words thought of the night before by this team. Team members Autumn Guarnaccia, Kelsey Wallace, and Shampagne Robinson anxiously awaited the arrival of their other team members so they could play. The Kickaholics Anonymous also had pick team shirts which they made at the game while they waited.

The professional fraternity Phi Alpha Delta put on an enjoyable night of music, laughter, snacks, and darkness as RWU students got to relieve their stress before the end of the semester.