Astrology; Time of the Hierophant

Corinne Myjak

Herald Contributor

Every day is someone’s birthday, and today is no different. It’s time to celebrate those born on Feb. 23 by reviewing their astrology. Author Gary Goldschneider spent 40 years studying personality based on an individual’s date of birth and came up with these characteristics that generally coincide with people born today.

So, let’s talk about some stars! No, not the celestial bodies that influence our world, but people like Dakota Fanning and Aziz Ansari who were born today. Similarly to these celebrities, people born today tend to be transparent, versatile, and expressive. Driven by positivity, they strive to make the best out of every situation and are naturally good problem solvers. These convincing and analytical folk often are the best candidates for leadership positions, which could be a reason why they tend to overwork themselves.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of quick wit and change, these individuals are likely to change their physical surroundings often, whether they are taking a different route home or taking excursions across the globe. Their favorable numbers are five and seven, which are daring and analytical numbers. The date 23 is associated with energy and action, this is why people with this birth date find themselves at the center of attention regularly.

Today’s birthstone is aquamarine, which can be used to help deepen mediation. The fifth tarot card, Hierophant, is today’s card, and is associated with understanding and faith but also stubbornness and bombast. This card symbolizes the desire for wealth, wisdom, and power. Rebellious and easily inspired, these people are like energizer bunnies; once you get these individuals going, they don’t stop. They’re also known for doing their research before projecting their views.

However, those born on Feb. 23 should be weary of their weaknesses, such as being hypocritical, negative, and superficial. Since they are such skilled problem solvers, it is likely that they will alway have a plan B to achieve their goals. Some advice for people born on this day would be to beware of their innate negativity. They are realists, but as they grow older they tend to shift to a more pessimistic view.