Glow in the dark dodgeball

Julia Pina

Herald Contributor

Roger Williams University has many on-campus activities and events for students who are looking for ways to get out and have fun while staying safe and sober. One of the several organizations responsible for organizing such events is CEN, also known as the Campus Entertainment Network. This club is a network of student volunteers who are devoted to bringing entertainment to the members of the RWU community.

CEN is split into several different committees such as Where’s The Fun, Traditions, Arts and Culture, and Pride to name a few, and these committees turn brainstorming ideas into campus events through the application of hard work and dedication.

One of the first campus events held by CEN so far during Spring semester 2017–brought to you by Where’s The Fun which is run by sophomores Courtney Dell’Agnese and Quinn Gaston–was the glow in the dark dodgeball.

“The game was not what I was expecting” said freshman Nicole Duquette when asked about the event. Nicole went on to elaborate that playing glow in the dark dodgeball was not something she ever imagined signing up to do on a Saturday night and that her participation was due to several close friends who talked her into it. Despite how and why she was initially there she claims that she is glad she went because the atmosphere was “a unique way of meeting different people while competing in a friendly way”.

Similar to every other CEN program this glow in the dark dodgeball event was free to attend, and participate in, and also featured free pizza! Furthermore, this event was not new to campus, in fact Courtney and Quinn were inspired from a similar event that was quite successful in past years.

The dodgeball tournament consisted of four teams of six who were placed into random brackets and followed a two loss elimination method. This method was a success since it fostered a happy environment in which even if a team lost their first game they had a chance at redemption, and further fun.

As an intriguing adjunct to the event, the first and second place champs were rewarded prizes. The first place prizes consisted of commemorative dodgeballs that said black light 17, as well as their choice of either six Providence Bruins tickets or an athletic basket consisting of a gym towel, water bottle, and a set of wireless headphones for each member of the team. The team that came in second place was given the prize that the first place team did not choose.

“We did it for the people,” joked the members of the winning team in unison as they collected the athletic baskets that they decided on. Their team name comically being “The People’s Champs.” In second place was “Julia’s Team,” who left the proud owners the six Providence Bruins tickets.

Although the CEN committee did admit they would have liked to have seen a slightly bigger turnout, the game was still considered a great success. It was a great way for students to blow off steam in the first weeks of school and every student had a fun time while getting in some exercise during the process.