Fashionista of the week: Abby Mclean

Sammy Croteau

Herald Contributor

Fashionista of the week: Abby Mclean, 18,

Amherst, Mass.

Theme: Layers

Abby strolls down the streets of Bristol in a effortless layered look, ideal for a chilly winter afternoon. During the cold months on campus, Roger Williams students are normally well prepared to bundle up before walking to class, against the harsh wind. Freshman student, Abby, takes the stylish route when it comes to layering up, by wearing a turtleneck top and thrifted flannel under a Zara cashmere cardigan. Abby, who shares she, “hates the cold”, complained about the recent freezing temperatures and jumped at the opportunity to show off a stylish street look when the temperature rose above 40 degrees last week.

The color pallet of the outfit consists of winter tones such as dark gray, off-white and deep blues. These multiple colors combined work super well together, and are not overwhelming to the eye. Abby’s addition of the chic sweater intensifies the look by combining two opposite pieces together, a rugged flannel and a simple cardigan button up. She also strived to keep cozy, while maintaining the layered look, by wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck. Abby kept it causal with a pair of traditional blue jeans and continued the winter theme with some brown ankle boots. When asked what she loves most about her outfit, Abby responded, “Definitely the white sweater because it adds a bit of texture to the overall look. It’s also really comfy and warm for the windy days.” Try out Abby’s layered look this week for a simple yet fashionable way to fight off the winter cold.