Strutting looks for Spring

Sammy Croteau

Herald Contributor

As the winter season comes to a close it is safe to say the frigid months are far behind, ladies and gents. With the approaching warm weather comes students who are pumped to be free of the heavy winter coats weighing their spirits down. People have suffered through getting their faces whipped with 50 mph winds in front of GHH and couldn’t be happier at the thought of sunshine.

Springtime has arrived, and Roger students celebrate by breaking out their beloved summertime clothes, which have probably been untouched since September. That is, unless some people are the type who wear a bathing suit top out to a party in the middle of February. Everyone has most likely been fed up with the daily sweatshirt and sweatpants combo and is jumping at the opportunity to show off their inner fashionista in the upbeat weather.

Since so many people seem to get a sudden excitement for fashion as soon as the weather lightens up, let’s talk this year’s spring fashion trends.

The approach of every spring brings the thoughts of floral patterns and bright colors. Both trends never seem to fade from the runway when it comes to spring fashion. Instead of telling you that florals and bright colors are the go-tos for a trendy spring look, it’s time to discuss three awesome spring 2017 trends that will have students way ahead of the fashion game at Roger.

This season, it is all about making statements. The statement doesn’t have to be an eye capturing necklace from J.Crew, but 2017 style wants people to think outside the box and create a fashion statement using the words on their shirt. Graphic tees with statement making slogans remain a hot topic, their popularity stemming from the 2016 presidential election. Phrases relating to U.S. politics and popular culture have been printed onto plain t-shirts and purchased by fashion icons of our generation, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The statement shirt trend is cool because individuals can easily express themselves, all while flaunting a new and trendy look.

An alternate way of creating an eye catching look this spring is sporting a pair of statement earrings. Earrings caught on the 2017 runway include diamond and pearl drop earrings, as well as large gold hoops. The intricate and odd designs of these trendy earrings are sure to make a fun statement and amp up any dull outfit.

Sick of not slaying your everyday shoe game? Throw out those clunky winter boots, the ultimate spring shoe this year: “Flatforms.” Once people get past the thought of them sounding like an old women’s shoe design, these platform sandals are a win for the girls who love height but hate stumbling around in uncomfortable heels. Flatforms are the platforms of the 70s made with trendy style elements and funky prints. These versatile shoes are easy and comfortable for a sunny spring day or a night out.

Everyone should be able to relish in the wonderful feeling of wanting to dress like a “new you” in the spring and give these different trends a try. Fashion is about taking risks, so go for it and embrace the look.