Nick Santino Coffee House Performance

Photo courtesy of Trey Powers

Jenna Webb

Herald Contributor

The campus radio station WQRI 88.3 FM hosted a Coffee House event on Thursday, Feb. 23, featuring guest artist Nick Santino.

For each Coffee House, WQRI provides coffee and deserts and invites an artist to perform an acoustic set that is open to the public.

“What makes the coffeehouse so special is we don’t have them too often,” said junior Gianni Carpanzano, WQRI’s live events coordinator. “Each time we do [have a coffeehouse], the artists have always been such great, personable people.”

Nick Santino is based out of Braintree, Massachusetts, and is best known for being the ex-frontman of the band A Rocket to the Moon. After releasing two albums together, the band broke up in 2013 and Santino went on to pursue a solo career. In 2015, Santino formed his second band under the name Beach Weather.

Santino performed a total of 13 songs at the Coffee House, drawing from a wide range of his former and current projects. While Santino normally performs with a band, he took to the Coffee House stage with just his guitar as he sang about lost loves, running away, and more in an intimate performance. His set in all lasted about an hour and a half.

Nick is currently signed with the record label 81twentythree and is about to go on a tour with the bands The Maine and The Mowgli’s called “The Lovely, Little, Lonely Tour.” The tour will stop in Boston on April 28 at the Boston Royale venue.

After the Coffee House, Nick hung around to talk to fans and take pictures. After the upcoming tour wraps up, Santino said Beach Weather will be sitting down to start writing some new material.