Festival Fashion

Sammy Croteau

Herald Contributor

One of the most iconic festivals, revolving around hippie-like fashion and epic music, takes place in Indio, California over the course of the next two weekends. It’s probable that all students have heard of Coachella, the annual music and arts festival attended by hundreds of celebrities, fashion bloggers, and music lovers who create a vibrant atmosphere with their spunky bohemian style.

The three-day festival is not only known for its popular performers, but the care-free fashion scene at the event sets many trends for the upcoming summer season. Although the majority of Roger Williams students won’t be able to make the cross-country trip to the show, which well be headlined by Galantis, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead, people can at least pretend they’re going to the well-known event and dress the part! Follow these fresh trends this spring and summer to look and feel like a Coachella Queen.

Since the festival occurs in the middle of the hot Colorado Desert, western style has become prevalent over the past couple years; this year, it is making its Coachella appearance through fringe and suede accessories. Whether it is a skirt, jacket, or purse, fringe is a major trend this year. It incorporates a fun flare to a simple look, and a fringe mini skirt is the perfect piece to twirl around in at a humid music festival, or blasting music down by the beach on a warm Bristol day.

Continuing with the western theme, material such as tan suede makes a statement nearly every round of Coachella. The fabric remains in the Coachella fashion spotlight in various ways, but suede ankle boots take number one this year for the most popular way to sport the suede trend. The boots also have a cowgirl-esque look to them, contributing to the timeless western theme at the desert affair.

On to the next major Coachella 2017 trend: embroidered denim. Say goodbye to basic blue jean jackets, because it is time to amp up the familiar denim trend that has stuck around for decades. Forget the flower crown this time around—denim jackets embroidered with colorful rose patterns are a new craze. Along with floral embroidery, various patches sewn onto distressed jeans and shorts is another eye-catching look.

Western-inspired and denim clothing have and continue to make a consecutive statement at Coachella, but one completely new trend will make its debut this weekend: Athletic tops are replacing the typical tiny lace tops worn at the famous festival. Athletic clothing is creating a big impact on 2017, making it acceptable to wear athletic pieces to not just the gym but at big social events, such as concerts.