Fashion in television

Sammy Croteau

Herald Contributor

Netflix released a new comedy series, “Girlboss”, this past Friday. The story is based on a best selling book written by Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of the fashion company Nasty Gal.

The 13-episode series follows the life of spunky Sophia in her early 20s, and the rise of her multi-million dollar business originating from selling vintage clothes online. Today, Amoruso’s company Nasty Gal thrives with over a $100 million annual income and still remains true to this original vintage look.

Sophia’s rags to riches story serves as inspiration for any young girls who dream of being successful in the fashion industry. Her feminism and independent manner contribute to the growth of her company. When first starting her business, Sophia showed determination, took risks, and always listened to her intuition, which paid off in the long run.

Freshman gender studies major Abby McLean shares how the new show gives her a powerful sense of self and a solid foundation to reflect on for her future endeavors.

“I like Sophia’s spunk, and it inspires me to be myself. Her drive makes me feel empowered, especially when she succeeds in doing something,” McLean said.

Actress Britt Robertson, who stars as Sophia in the show, captures Sophia’s vintage style through multiple 70s inspired fashion looks. In the pilot of the series, Sophia’s love for vintage fashion is introduced when she discovers an original 1970s East West motorcycle jacket at her local thrift store, paying only $9 for the high-end piece.

In another episode following the pilot, Sophia sports a wide-legged denim jumpsuit with a gold zipper down the front. She pairs the one-piece with gold dangling earrings and a colorful crotchet cross body bag, personifying the typical look for women of the 70s. When on a vacation with her friends in one particular episode, Sophia rocks navy blue high-waisted bikini bottoms with a maroon lace triangle top. She pairs the modern bathing suit top with vintage style bottoms, creating a complimentary balance between the two pieces.

These are just a few of Sophia’s stylish looks displayed throughout the show. For more outfit inspiration, tune into “Girlboss” and discover all the fashion tricks and tips Sophia has up her sleeve. Retro fashion from the 70s is currently a hot trend in 2017, and Sophia serves as the ultimate guide to becoming a vintage fashion expert for RWU students and youth all over the country.