Jake Brostuen elected student body president

Following a poll in which all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at Roger Williams University were invited to vote for the upcoming year’s Student Senators, junior Jake Brostuen has been chosen Student Body President for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Brostuen, a double major in Political Science and Economics, has been a Student Senator ever since he was a freshman.

The Student Body President’s list of tasks is quite extensive, but one of its most prominent roles is making sure that university faculty, staff, and administration are aware of student needs and representation on campus. The president is also responsible for ensuring the survival and success of all the clubs and organizations on campus.

Senior Polina Boily, a double major in international business and marketing, is the current Student Body President. Although she expressed disappointment at the fact that she is leaving the university, she genuinely feels that she is leaving her position in very capable hands.

“I love Jake. I’ve known him since he was a freshman and joined Senate,” Boily said. “I’m sad to let go, but I’m also excited because I know that he’s going to do an awesome job. He’s dedicated and passionate, and he’s been doing this for so long that it’s going to come to him so easily.”

Brostuen has several personal goals which he would like to accomplish within the school year in his new role. First, he hopes to increase student involvement on campus through making changes to the ways in which Senate is active within the various clubs and organizations.

“There could be some different policies that will allow clubs to grow better, ensuring that our clubs all know that they can rely on us for assistance, and that we are supportive wholeheartedly,” Brostuen said.

Brostuen also expressed a desire to ensure administrative accountability, especially for the issues specifically concerning students.

“I want to make sure those are addressed with the administration,” he said. “Student Senate has only so much power as an organization, but one of the powers we do have is the ability to create a unified voice in support of different resolutions that effect life here on campus.”

“Although he hasn’t been president before, he has a lot of experience on Senate, and he will have been the longest senator on senate so he knows the ins and outs of everything,” Boily added, explaining that “The position itself is really just knowing how Senate works, and he certainly knows how it works.”

“I’m most excited to see how other people grow and develop on Senate, as well as what Senate can do over the next year,” Brostuen noted. “I believe that we have a lot of young, ambitious senators who are looking to learn and get involved. They really have the capability to do great things and I just want to see them reach their full potential.”

In parting words, Boily said, “I really love the people that I work with; I love my organization, my advisors, and, big-picture wise, I love the university. That’s why I’m doing this. I’m going to miss all of it. Good luck Senate 44. I wish you nothing but the best.”

The newly elected Student Senate members for the 2017-2018 academic year are: Cheyenne Quintal, Daniella Alva, Christopher Costa, Kayla Devin, Nicole Woodward, Arlyss Martin, Jordan Phelan, Thomas Mathews, Rachel DeAngelis, Emiliano Bache, Jessica Napoli, Paul Manfredi, and Rosalie Stevens.