RWU Career and Professional Development spotlight

Felicia Greco

Herald Contributor

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Roger Williams University has much more to offer its students than just resume reviews.

Several career advisors in specific divisions can help meet the needs of each student’s major. Their role is to teach career planning seminars, assist students in finding a career path, encourage students to reach their goals, and guide students on how to implement their plans. They also offer personality assessments to give students a better understanding of themselves and which career path would be the most fitting choice.

It is the Career Center’s mission to be the top resource for career exploration questions. Their goal is to prepare students and alumni for life after college by aiding people to find their professional values and interests and acquire the skills necessary for their goal.

“We are here to help you help yourself, and here to encourage you to succeed,” said Sam Neary, the career advisor for engineering and architecture majors.

Before considering an internship or co-op, it is important to check out the Career Center first. They provide resume workshops, mock interviews, job offer evaluations, tips for emailing professionals, LinkedIn networking, and countless other opportunities.

The Center is always looking to co-host programs with many of the clubs on campus, such as the recent Career Fair on campus. At the Career Fair, alumni returned to RWU for presentations, as well as professors or other faculty.

The Center provides many resources to allow students to find their path to success. As you’ll hear on the campus tour, the Career Center boasts its availability to its students even post-graduation. If alumni ever need help in finding a job at any time, they are welcome to take advantage of the Center’s resources. As the saying goes, “Once a Hawk, always a Hawk.”

For all of those juniors or graduating seniors, the Center for Career and Professional Development also assists in graduate school advising. They provide insight into programs, offers, adjustments on moving, and are knowledgeable about many outlets.

For more information on how the Center can help you personally, stop into the office located on the first floor of GHH. There is also a “Guide to Career and Professional Development” packet offered as a reference.

Inside, you can find example resumes and cover letters as well as tips for writing your own. It is never too early to begin utilizing the helpful resources of the Center for Career and Professional Development.