RWU variety show highlights talent

Photos courtesy of Jenna Webb

Jenna Webb

Herald contributor

Over the weekend of March 24 and 25, Roger Williams University’s theater club Stage Company presented their annual Variety Show, a showcase of talent from students both in and out of the theater department. This year’s production was titled “Take Note” and featured ten different performances ranging from solos, duets, spoken word, and a skit.

Most of this year’s show proved that students can boast their vocal skills; eight out of the ten acts were singing performances. After going through an audition process, the acts must find time to work with one another as well as find time to rehearse on the Barn stage. As the Theater and Dance Departments use the stage for their own shows as well, sometimes the dress rehearsals would not start until late in the night.

“Variety Show is a great way for students in and out of Stage Company to be involved in the Barn when their schedules don’t allow them to be in the theater department productions,” said Stage Company President, senior Chelsea Rodrigues. “It’s run by students for the students, and it allows for everyone to perform what they want to.”

This year’s show participants were on a wide scale: some were freshmen performing for the first time, while some seniors were performing for the last time. Senior Addison Powers sang a duet with junior Miranda Coker as a way to wrap up her four years in the Theater Department and with Stage Company.

“The fact that I got to go out singing with my best friend for the last time was a bittersweet moment,” said Addison. “I’m excited to move on to new places and things, but I’ll always remember Roger Williams and the Barn family.”

Stage Company meets Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. in the Barn, a.k.a. the Performing Arts Center. All students are invited to join as no theater experience is required. If interested in joining the club, email [email protected] for more information.