Freshman Inter-Class Council, Student Senate representatives chosen

Photo by Kayla Ebner

Isabella Gentile | Herald Contributor

The beginning of fall brings about many changes—the leaves turning different colors, the weather getting colder, and freshmen elections!

This year’s elections for both the Student Senate and the freshmen Inter-Class Council (ICC) boasted multiple candidates who are excited at the opportunity to make a difference in the RWU community.

Student Senate is a large group of students who fight for students’ rights and address concerns on campus. Six freshmen candidates ran for seats on this panel, all of whom were eager to assume their roles if elected.

Freshmen were able to vote in the ICC and Student Senate’s’ elections on Sept. 20 and Sept. 21.

On Monday, Sept. 25, results were announced via an all students email: Gianni Abate, Julia Gieburowski, Rees Harold, Tatevik Khachatryan, and Elsa Marie Schloemer were selected to serve as new General Senators.

Meanwhile, ICC’s new freshman class officers will be Patrick Stanton, president; Judith Suffrard, vice president; Alexis Dubovnick, secretary; and Mia Bettencourt, treasurer.

Prior to the results, several candidates for both Senate and ICC expressed their reasons for running:

“I am going to go in with an open mind and willingness to learn, to make a positive mark on RWU,” said the now-Senator Harold.

Thomas Wallace, another candidate for Student Senate, acknowledged that it is important for students to be heard.

“The Student Senate exists to be the voice for all students when it comes to matters that affect us, and I want to be able to do exactly that,” Wallace said.

One of the ICC candidates in the race for vice president, Jordan Brunelle, wanted students who enjoy a diverse range of activities to be able to find their place on campus.

“I am looking forward to planning events that will help my peers express their talents, whether it be with music or another art form,” he said.

Stanton, who is now officially the ICC freshman class president, said that he would do whatever is necessary to fight for the members of the class of 2021’s opinions.

Personal values play a huge role when thinking about assuming the responsibility that comes along with running for student government.

Suffrard, the newly elected vice president of the freshman class, stated, “by being a leader and investing in those skills, it will enable me to help freshmen understand the importance of teamwork.”

Julia Giebutowski, who is also now a senator, brings some qualities to the table as she will make sure to remain organized and get tasks done on time.