Fallin’ in love with October fashion

Photo by Hiked Productions LLC

You can always catch senior journalism major and fashionista Rachel Bimonte wearing the cutest outfits on campus. Her blog, breakfastatraes.com, is the perfect place for style advice!

By Abby McLean | Herald Contributor

The sunshine and warmth is still among us, but the leaves are beginning to fall. The season of Halloween and anything pumpkin flavored is heating up as the temperatures begin to drop.

The biggest problem I face during this time of year is the shift between warm and cooler days and finding the right outfit that will keep me comfortable all day long.

In the winter, my wardrobe mainly sticks to a darker color palette, but in the fall I like to spice things up with more color. Popular fall colors have been slightly modified in the past few years.

Last year, olive green, maroon, and black were a very popular color theme, but this year more oranges and yellows are peeking through the darkness. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez, two of the most popular fashion inspirations of today, have been seen rocking bright sweaters with tailored pants.

Mixing feminine and masculine styles in one outfit has also become increasingly popular in street fashion and high end fashion. Pairing a cute floral skirt with a boxy blazer or tailored pants with a cute blouse can create the perfect balance of both feminine and masculine style!

As far as shoes go for the fall, cute booties stay in our hearts, but walk free on the streets. Matching a cute brown or black statement boot with your floral prints and bright colors can really bring an outfit together this fall season.