“What should I be for Halloween?”

Find your solution with these quick and clever costume ideas that won’t break the bank


By: Abby Mclean | Herald Contributor

With Halloween right around the corner, make these simple but creative costumes right in your dorm room!

To make your friends laugh this Halloween season, try the “raining men” costume! It’s super quick to put together and you may already have most of the materials right in

your closet. To gather your costume materials, you will need an umbrella, raincoat, rain boots, and a whole lot of cutouts of all your favorite male celebrities faces. I suggest cutting out the faces and pasting them on a thin piece of cardboard for extra sturdiness. Punch a small hole on the top of each face and tie a piece of string through each—even floss works! Next, tie the string to the ends of the umbrella so the faces dangle down. This look is definitely convincing, that yes, it is raining men this Halloween!

If a humorous costume doesn’t suit you, do not panic! There are so many paths you can go down when choosing a costume theme. If you are a last minute costume planner and don’t want to break the bank this Halloween, don’t look any farther than your own closet! Grab a leather jacket and some edgy pants and call yourself a rock star. Add some dark makeup or even a KISS-style star over an eye and call yourself a member of the legendary rock band. Lace up those boots and stomp the streets for treats with this sassy costume.

Another costume idea that requires a bit more effort and arts & crafts is a zombie. First, find a large white t-shirt big enough to serve as a dress. Cut random rips in the t-shirt—the more rips, the more realistic the costume will look in the end. Next, splatter red paint all over the white t-shirt. Placing red streaks and hand prints on the shirt will enhance the scare factor of the costume. Pair your zombie shirt with a pair of fishnet tights to keep the Halloween spirit consistent. If you want to add a finishing touch, tease your hair and put it in a half-up ponytail.