Miley Cyrus’ new album release “Younger Now”

By Amy Lenihan | Herald Contributor

This year has been a huge one for female artists in the music industry, and Miley Cyrus is no exception. Cyrus’ new album, “Younger Now,” was released Sept. 29. The album is made up of eleven songs, including her summer hit “Malibu.”

After Cyrus’ post-Disney channel debut in 2013 with album “Bangerz,” the singer rebranded herself as an off-the-wall, provocative artist. However, her most recent album takes us back to her country roots. This album is perfect for a lazy beach day or a rainy car ride, and even if you just need something to play while you write a paper or fold laundry, this is the laid back album for you.

“Younger Now”

The first track and namesake of her album, “Younger Now” offers a laid back sound. With the guitars giving a strong chord progression and a soft beat on the drums, the song is perfect for relaxing in the sun. Diving into the idea of personal growth and maturity, the lyrics suggest that Cyrus herself has accepted who she really is and feels liberated because of it.


Originally released in May 2017, “Malibu” explores the relationship between two people enjoying the day at the beach. Deeper than that though, is the concept of coming out on the other side of a hard time in one’s life and once again enjoying the company of those around you.


Featuring her Godmother, Dolly Parton, this track is one filled with fleeting nostalgia and a classic country sound. The beginning and end of the song include audio clips from a phone message left by Parton when Cyrus was younger, which makes the song that much cuter to listen to.

“Week Without You”

With a simple beat and catchy chorus, “Week Without You” talks about what one might do if separated from their partner for a week. Cyrus’ voice is super soothing in this track, and it is again a great song to relax to.

“Miss You So Much”

Much like the other songs in her album, this song focuses on the use of guitars and Miley’s voice over other production tricks. This song is one of the sadder ones on the album as it explores the concept of feeling distant from someone and missing them when they are still part of your life.

“I Would Die for You”

A song about loving someone so much you cannot imagine life without them, “I Would Die for You” is again a soft sounding track about growing with someone and having an incredibly close bond with them.


With more of a pop vibe, “Thinkin’” is a perfect song to sing along with. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember, and the strong bass line is an instant classic.

“Bad Mood”

Ever had a boy patronize you for waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Then this song is for you! The song itself is about the idea of being the only one putting effort in a relationship and not allowing yourself to be taken for granted.

“Love Someone”

“Love Someone” is like an extension of “Bad Mood” in that it explores a narrative of a relationship that is not really going anywhere.

“She’s Not Him”

More of an epic song including what sounds like a small string section and sleigh bells, “She’s Not Him” is a beautiful sounding song of longing.


The last song of the album is again a nod to Cyrus’ country roots, with lovely guitar pickin’ and fiddle playing. The lyrics compel us to make change in our world and empower us to strive for more.