Autumn Decor for College Kids

By: Megan Willgoos| Herald Contributor

Although the seasons at RWU can get a little confusing with 80 degree weather in the middle of October, it looks like fall is finally here! This not only means apple picking trips and pumpkin carving, but it

gives each of us more of a reason to spend countless money in the $1 section of Target searching for decorations for our dorms.

As college students, dorm decorating is not usually at the top of our list because it means spending money. Yet, this does not always have to be the case! Here are a few very easy and inexpensive ways to

keep your dorm festive for the fall.

Pumpkin carving can get to be expensive and maybe a little too messy for inside the dorm. Luckily, pumpkin painting and artificial pumpkins are a seasonal staple. But these are only two options for pumpkin decorating; dipping them in glitter or writing on them with sharpies is another easy way to add pizzazz to your dorm this fall. For all of your pumpkin needs, Bristol has plenty of farmer’s markets with pumpkins that sell for as little as $3!

The decorating possibilities are endless. It is easy to not only make your room look good, but smell good too! Autumn room sprays are available at multiple stores and come in many scents such as salted caramel, toasted marshmallow, and orchard apple cinnamon. If you are looking for more of a DIY craft, try taking a mason jar and filling it with your favorite fall objects. Try pinecones and acorns and add an artificial candle for some warm light, then tie it all off with a bow around the outside.