Show off your Spooky Style


By: Sammy Croteau| Arts & Culture Editor

Why only dress up for Halloween on the 31st? There are several creative ways to honor the day through your everyday style without scaring off your friends and classmates. Make the Halloween holiday last the whole month of October by following these subtle ways of incorporating a sense of spookiness into all your outfits this fall season.

Skull Designs

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to sport one of the holiday’s main mascots, a skeleton? Skull faces incorporated in clothing has been an ongoing fad for quite some time, showing up in various logos and accessories, such as scarves and earrings. Popular band tees such as The Grateful Dead have skulls printed on bright tie dye in a statement-making contrast. Other brands that include the skull in their designs are Obey, Volcom, and Skull Clothing.

The Color Black

Black is the symbol for all things haunted, but it is also a timeless parable color that is flattering on every body type. The color black has the power to slim your look while giving off a chic but edgy vibe. Black coincides with the dark and eerie Halloween spirit, so don’t be afraid to wear it head-to-toe and really channel your inner goth for the month of October.

Dark lipstick

A deep colored lipstick goes well with the fading autumn season and stands out beautifully against numerous skin tones. A bold lip has the power to intensify your overall beauty and make a lasting impression. In light of Halloween, choose a deep red for mysterious vampire vibes or be daring and go with black lipstick for a ghostly gothic look.

Smokey Eyeshadow

Continuing with the gothic theme, a dark smokey eye is yet another beauty craze that goes well with the trends of Halloween. To do a smokey eye, first put white eye shadow across your whole eyelid. Then, apply a silver or gray shade across the majority of the lid, not covering the inner corner. Finally, apply dark gray or black eyeshadow to the outer half of the eyelid. With an eye shadow brush, subtly blend together the different shades where they meet. Don’t forget to add a swoop of winged eyeliner for extra intensity. This is the ultimate makeup trend for a late night out especially around Halloween time.