The trend of non-gender specific style

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

For many girls, the idea of dressing like a man may not make them jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. But, trendsetters such as Leandra Medine, founder of the Man Repeller fashion blog, and musician Pharrell Williams have been pushing the standards of gendered fashion to new and appealing levels over recent months.

Medine created her blog in 2010 on the basis of baggy trousers and masculine coats in which she labeled as “male repelling” clothing. The blog has since caught fire among young fashionistas and currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram with heavy traffic on its website. A large population of women fashionistas have chosen to adopt this new masculine trend that is redefining the rules of gender-focused style around the country.

Women aren’t the only ones stealing from another gender. Pharrell Williams has also been known to challenge existing fashion norms by publicly experimenting with traditionally feminine wear. The artist has been spotted in a hot pink trench coat and vibrant floral patterns straight from the women’s rack. This may prompt you to think, with this new fashion movement, do a separate men and women’s rack have to exist? That is up to your interpretation according to your personal style. If it were up to me, I think it adds versatility to anyone’s closet and makes for an interesting shopping trip!

Oversized blazers are popping up everywhere in the female fashion scene, first being spotted on the New York Fashion Week runway in the fall of 2017 in collections designed by Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. Even “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown rocks the oversized blazer look in the thriller’s new season as her character, Eleven.

To take on this revolutionary menswear trend, go no further than your dad or brother’s closet. If not in a family members closet, find a men’s blazer at your local thrift store, where there will be endless sizes and fabrics to choose from at a low price.

Opt for a black blazer like Eleven does to achieve a chic finish, or choose a plaid blazer to incorporate an eye-catching pattern into the look. Pair your chosen blazer with faded jeans and converse for a casual daytime outfit, rolling up the loose sleeves to your elbows. For a more preppy presentation of the blazer, slip on black tights with booties or ballet flats.

Another masculine fashion trend spreading into the women’s fashion world are tailored pants. These structured bottoms are typical of business men and professionals, but that doesn’t mean a college fashionista can’t rock them as well. To have fun with the chancy trend, create a subtle contrast with a distressed vintage band tee or a slouchy bold sweater complimenting the straight legged pants. Another advantage to tailored pants, other than their flattering fit and modish vibe, is that they can be paired with a variety of shoes. If worn with sky high heels, the bottoms elongate your legs, pleasantly tying the look together with elegance. Conversely, a chunky combat boot paired with the trousers accomplishes an edgy and alternative winter style.

The key to combining menswear into your everyday look is to add subtle feminine pieces as well. To spice up the girliness in a blazer or trouser outfit, enhance the ensemble with a delicate pair of stilettos, a brightly colored purse, or layered necklaces. With these enhancements, you’ll have effortlessly created a perfect balance of androgynous fashion.