Club of the Week: Delta Sigma Pi

April Federico, Features Editor

Let’s get down to business to talk about the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

Delta Sigma Pi is designed to encourage and enrich business in universities and to teach members to be business professionals.The purpose of the group is to allow members to network with one another and alumni. Within the group, there are 9-10 roles, one of which is the EC (or “Executive Council”).

Two big parts of the fraternity are fundraising and community service. One community service project they did was a car wash, which was a tremendous success. Earlier in the year, Delta Sigma Pi hosted Honey for Haiti, an organization for people with AIDS. Together, they raised $1,000. They also raised $240 for relief in Puerto Rico.

The biggest event Delta Sigma Pi hosted this year was GoingPro, during which the group also took over the “myrwu” Snapchat story. This year was their third time hosting it. The event took place on Oct. 28 and was a day-long conference with six speakers. The purpose of the event is to strive to prepare for the real world. The conference held sessions that were similar to “TED Talks” in order to provide insight for the students. The sessions were on entrepreneurship, professionalism, and “Roger to the Real World.” 

“It gave us all insight on aspects of the working field that we haven’t experienced yet, like how to negotiate our job offers, the ‘chutes and ladders’ of starting a business, the advantages of combining your interests with your job, and a lot of realities we face once we leave college. It was a formal setting with polished professionals, but we had casual give and take between speakers and guests,” said junior EC member Marissa Rose.

However, only students in the Gabelli School of Business can join the fraternity, said junior EC member Natalie MacPhee.

According to junior and Delta Sigma Pi member Keyana Pietraszeck, it’s “beneficial to attend the events we put on and you just get a lot of experience.” She added that it’s “awesome to have people who are academically driven and business professional.” 

“The club gives me all that I’m looking for,” Rose said. Delta Sigma Pi is also where she met her roommates. 

“[My favorite part] is watching brothers grow,” MacPhee said. “I just love watching people grow and develop professionally.”