“Stranger Things” star Nancy Wheeler’s conservative style

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: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

Nancy Wheeler, played by actress Natalia Dyer in the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” channels a conservative look in each episode, sporting pastel button-ups, delicate cardigans, and couture knee length skirts. Although the show takes place in the mid-1980s, Nancy’s modest sense of style can be adapted to the modern college fashionista considering today’s popular trends.

To imitate Nancy’s preppy persona and elegance, you probably won’t have to go any further than your own closet. Nancy frequently wears button-up blouses printed with faded plaid and thin pin stripes. Grab your go-to flannel and button it up to the neck line, neatly folding over the shirt collar. To achieve Nancy’s tailored look, put a solid color pullover sweater on top of the flannel, leaving the collars of the shirt visible. This look can be interchangeable with any type of button-up shirt with a collar, and a pullover sweatshirt can be used in place of a thin sweater. For bottoms, Nancy often wears high-waisted dark jeans, which are a prevalent piece in today’s fashion world, so you’ll still be rocking current trends while channeling a classic look of the past.

Another trend that has recently emerged and was also worn by Nancy Wheeler is corduroy fabric. In an episode of the first season, the high school teen throws a rustic red corduroy jacket over her sweater and plaid shirt combo. The coat, lined with cozy sheep wool and a pair of white fingerless gloves, are ideal additions to beat the cool, fall weather.
Nancy’s minimalist style is portrayed through some simple accessories such as a gold necklace, nude ballet flats, and a canvas book bag. These subtle embellishments tie her conservative school-girl look together and do not distract from the character’s notable bravery and heroism. Nancy’s bold personality and representativeness of girl power contrast with the common association of conservative style with uptight professionals. 
    Don’t be afraid to pull off a conservative look without having to conform to the restraints the style coincides with. Yes, a fitted button-up may make you feel like a well-to-do business woman who doesn’t know how to have any fun, but curve away from this feeling by incorporating a few edgy accessories, like fingerless white gloves and a spunky personality to top it off.