Rapper, Wiz Khalifa drops his mixtape “Laugh Now Fly Later”

Wiz Khalifa blessed the world of rap music again with his new mixtape, “Laugh Now, Fly Later,” released Nov. 10. The rapper took to Twitter to announce the mixtape release back in October and used the hype of the mixtape to raise excitement for an upcoming album, which he has shared little information about.  

The 10-track mixtape offers a variety of Khalifa’s typical rap approaches combined with unfamiliar background sounds, giving way to intriguing beats that will make you appreciate each song as a whole — not just Wiz’s familiar and satisfying rhymes.

“Royal Highness” is the first track on the tape and is the only one on the list to feature another artist. American rapper and songwriter, Casey Veggies, dominates most of the song with his soulful singing and flowy rap linguistics. The song stands apart from the rest of the mixtape because it steers away from strict rap throughout the whole verse and instead adds versatility with a smooth chorus, giving it a more pop feel than hip-hop. The song’s beginning of a car’s engine revving up stands as a metaphor to “drive” you through the rest of the track list on a musical journey that Wiz Khalifa claims will “make you think,” according to The Fader, an NYC music magazine.

The second track of the mixtape, “Letterman,” sounds like a traditional Kodak Black beat switched out with Wiz’s voice and takes a step down from the poppy beats in Royal Highness. If listened to carefully, “Letterman” is a poetic play on words where Khalifa is saying “let them in,” but it sounds like “letterman,” which happens to be the real significance of the song. The word is repeated heavily to emphasize its importance, and this set-up produces a chill, sing-along tune. 

“Figure it Out,” another track standing out on the mixtape, focuses more on Wiz Khalifa’s usual style, giving off similar rhythmic vibes to his hit song, “Roll Up.” The slowed beat with Wiz’s vocals shining through in the chorus creates an interesting dynamic throughout the mellow song. Khalifa spits about his life values and supports the term “family first” throughout this track. These incorporated messages coincide with the overall theme of the “Laugh Now Fly Later,” which focuses on Wiz’s real motives in life and how he chooses to communicate this to his fans.

“The City of Steel” stands as the longest song on the album, lasting nearly 7 minutes. The extended time space is made up for with Khalifa speaking over the song’s beat, addressing the audience, and making the listener feel like they are at the front row of the rapper’s concert. Over this period in the song, Wiz brings up hints about his new album release and sends out love to his fans.