Freshman perspective: giving thanks for people and things missed at home

Isabella Gentile, Features Manager

Fall is in the air, and as the end of November nears, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This is the start of the holiday season, which many freshmen are spending away from home, allowing them time to reflect on what they are thankful for that they may not have access to here at school.

When people were asked what they were thankful for, family always rose as one of the top categories. Freshmen living on campus have been away from their families most likely for the longest periods of their lives thus far. Corinda Sanford expressed that this is the case for her and that she misses being able to quickly talk to her parents if she needs them, rather than having to call and see if they are free for a minute to talk. She is now thankful that she had the opportunity to do so at home. 

Zach Forbes said that he is thankful for spending time with his younger brother, who was his constant friend and video game partner at home. 

“Right now we’re playing chess on the iPhone game center app, but without seeing him face to face it isn’t the same,” Forbes said.

It is not just family, however, that came up under personal relationships that students are thankful for. Kady Long spoke in a generally broad sense as she said, “I am grateful for the connections that I have made the past 18 years with people who have seen me through all the difficult stages of my life.” 

Relating to this idea are important friendships that students have made during these years before coming to college. Tommy DeMarco said that he has known his best friend Jenna for over eight years, and that they are now hundreds of miles away, as she attends college in North Carolina. He misses their in-person connection and calls her every week, as he is so thankful for their friendship and cannot imagine not talking to her for too long.

Pets seem to be a huge hit under this subject, as students’ beloved cats and dogs are surely waiting at home for them wondering where they have gone. 

Unspoken bonds between owners and pets can have a strong impact on a person’s life. Doug Hostetler found his three cats when he was a child, abandoned outside as they were all strays without tags. He is so thankful to have them in his life, as they provide comfort when he is home alone or just needs a friend.

Not all students stress missing such serious people and objects from home. Some realize now that they are missing the physical comforts of home and are thankful that they can access those soon over break. 

Celeste Hartley emphasized that she is extremely thankful to have her own bathroom at home that is not shared by 10 plus people in a suite. Also regarding personal property, Olivia Franco mentions that she is thankful for only sharing a fridge with her family at home and being able to look in and find that her mom bought her favorite snacks. 

Adding a humorous element into what she appreciates and misses, Justine Aho stated that she is thankful for “good Wi-Fi and good water pressure.”