The Issue of Sexual Assault in Society

                 With all of the latest allegations of sexual harassment and assault emerging, I thought it was the right time for me to share my two cents on this issue. Nearly every faction of prominent figures from entertainers, to producers, to elected officials have had to deal with the actions of men being exposed for sexual violence. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, academy awarding-winning actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Lewis C. K, Senate candidate Roy Moore, and former President George H.W Bush have been just a few of the prominent men (almost always men) who have been accused of either harassment, unwanted advances, or outright assault. These men have used their positions of power or fame to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior and it is finally coming back to bite them in their butts… Thank God there is finally some justice in the world.

                  I have sat around for the last few weeks and observed what seems like a daily revelation of some kind of harassment or assault. The latest story I read was about United States Senator Al Franken (D-MN) who was caught on camera groping an unconscious woman and allegedly kissed her without permission. After a day of this story being live, I can already predict what will be the outcome: conservative media experts will be quick to jump on this issue and point out the horrendous behavior and liberal commentators will attempt to downplay the idea. This directly contrasts with the story involving Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore, who, despite having been accused of plain pedophilia, is still being defended by some of his followers. Some hardcore conservatives accuse this of being a political witch hunt because of the timing with the election, while liberals (as well as Republicans) have been quick to call for his immediate withdrawal from the campaign. Even our own President of the United States, who has been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct, is now publicly defending Roy Moore, a man accused of being a PEDOPHILE. I guess in Alabama it makes more sense to people to vote for a pervert than, dare I say it, a liberal.

                   All of this political nonsense has infuriated me. There are many issues that divide Americans, which is a good thing, differing opinions allow for a more productive discourse. I understand that liberals and conservatives typically like to divide themselves into camps and create this “us vs. them” political mentality. Cable news programs that have a specific bias employ the tactic known as “whataboutism,” where instead of addressing the issue at hand,they simply point fingers at another story to shift the blame. Not surprisingly, these media groups are the prime examples of sexually deviant men exploiting their position. New anchors from FOX, CBS and, NBC have been fired for sexual misconduct and unwanted advances.

What I simply cannot wrap my mind around is the idea of sexual crimes being a partisan issue. Sexual harassment, assault, groping, unwanted advances, and unwelcome sexting are all things that everyone across the political spectrum can agree is morally reprehensible, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, a Bernie lover of a diehard MAGAer. We can all agree that there should be absolutely ZERO tolerance for this kind of behavior whether it is in business, Hollywood, Washington, or the news media. It is not that hard to put aside political differences for just a second to collectively call out this behavior and address it properly. Only then can we move forward and work to end this abhorrent behavior.