Bundle up in style this December

December is here, and with it comes the expected chilly weather. Trudging past GHH with the wind whipping against your cheeks is no fun, and RWU students know well enough to bundle up against the harsh weather. Luckily, there are endless stylish alternatives, from thick leggings to oversized sweatshirts, that will keep you warm during the winter months. Don’t let the brutal wind and frigid mornings ruin your Christmas spirit — stay cozy and fashionable all month long with these four style trends.

 Statement Coats:

From leopard print designs to electric blue fur, coats are here to make a major statement this winter, painted with popping colors and constructed into unconventional designs. Cheetah print coats have been adopted by a countless number of fashion bloggers and celebrities, including Kourtney Kardashian and models Bella and Gigi Hadid. These public figures paired their furry cheetah print coats with an all-black attire in order to focus the jacket as the eye-catching statement feature of the look. Bold colors such as bright yellow and deep red are replacing dull shades like grey and black, giving the conventional coat a fresh makeover that deters from the winter blues. Don’t be afraid to stray from tradition and simplicity when it comes to picking out a perfect winter coat. Instead, fight against the cold with a plaid, longline jacket or a funky faux fur coat.

 Embellished Ankle Boots:

Over the past couple months, ankle boots have transformed from basic leather heels into dazzling crystal encrusted shoes covered in velvet, patent leather, and suede. Of course, a simple black boot is a fashion staple, especially during the winter season, but the usual boot has transformed into a new shoe taking on various fabrics and prints. Turquoise, mauve, and maroon velvet boots broke out this past fall and are popular items in stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters. This striking footwear will continue to be a must-have piece to shake up your everyday look this season. 

Ruffled Sweaters:

Ruffles add an extra layer to any clothing piece, and sweaters are embracing the layered, ruffled look this month. It is a twist on a typical pullover sweater, adding versatility and intricate detail, creating a classy look fit for a runway. To avoid overkill on the ruffled look, ruffles should be organized on a sweater for a pleasing aesthetic. Some ruffles are placed at the end of the sleeve while other trendy sweaters have two vertical ruffles running down the front and back. Take your go-to sweater to the next level and trade it in for a mod turtleneck detailed with delicate ruffles.

Corduroy Pants:   

This trend is a major flashback to the 70s, where teens and college kids strutted around in the vertical ribbed cotton pants flaring at the ankle and hugging the hips.These sensational bottoms are making a comeback nearly 40 years later. The corduroy fabric isn’t just making an appearance in pants, but button-up jackets as well. Today, the corduroy pants have adapted to the current era and are sold as skinny jeans, as well as in old-school flares. Considering color and style, it’s up to you if you want to rock the retro 70s look with a high waist and flared ankles or take the current route with straight legged corduroys.