Seven reasons why lesbian relationships are the best

Yes, you read that right. Today we’re going to be talking about lesbian relationships. Why? Well, while I’m no expert, I can say from experience that they’re pretty awesome.

1.      Sex: Just because there isn’t always an eggplant-shaped genital involved doesn’t mean that sex can’t be fun. Lesbian couples can do anything that heterosexual couples can do. Sure, maybe we sometimes need the assistance of certain toys, but since when are toys not fun when spicing things up the bedroom?

Sex can be unbelievably and wildly intimate. Girls are more familiar with the female body than boys are. Naturally, having a girl go down on you can be a more magical experience than having a boy go down on you. She knows what she likes, what spots to hit (hint: it’s always the clit), and how to get there.

2.      Boobs/Butts: On the same wavelength as sex, boobs are wonderful. So are butts. As a lesbian, it’s more than socially acceptable to appreciate both. While guys do have butts, girls’ butts are so much cuter.

3.      Gender Roles and Expectations: In traditional heterosexual relationships, each partner tends tend to fall into gender roles and expectations. In a lesbian relationship, you have more freedom to redefine these gender roles. Or, rather, you could completely disregard them altogether (Side note: not every relationship needs someone to fill the traditional role of the ‘man.’ Please don’t ask which girl is the “man” in the relationship).

4.      Synchronized Periods: Depending on your opinion, you may think this is perfect. Or you might think this is a nightmare. Either way, I would argue that having a girlfriend who gets the pain of that time of the month is a benefit.

5.      Pregnancy Scares: Speaking of periods, if your period is ever late, there is probably no need to panic. (Note: even though getting pregnant is highly unlikely, you should still practice safe sex for protection against diseases.)

6.      All the Stuff: When you start living with another girl, your wardrobe can double for free (if you both wear the same size and have the same taste in clothes)! Who doesn’t love the idea of free clothes? Bonus points if you share the same shoe size. You’re not limited to just clothes and shoes; from tampons to cosmetics, you can share them all.

7.      Fashion Advice: Let’s be honest. Most boys have absolutely no sense of women’s fashion. If you were to ask him if he thinks your outfit matches, you might get a caveman-like grunt that leaves you wondering what in the world he just said. However, with a girlfriend, she not only could tell you her opinion of the outfit, but she’ll probably also give you suggestions for how to improve it.

Final note of seriousness: Being in a lesbian relationship isn’t perfect or easy, no matter how fun I’ve made it sound above. It takes real work and real communication, and of course there are issues that arise in a lesbian relationship that don’t exist in heterosexual relationships. 

But, since we live in a very heteronormative society, I think it’s important to include non-heterosexual voices in here as well. Although the reasons I shared have been true in my experience, they aren’t representations of every lesbian relationship.


Also, please don’t joke about “becoming a lesbian because you’re sick of boys.” We’re not lesbians because we’re sick of boys, we’re lesbians because we’re into girls. It’s not a second-best option. And, not that I’m biased or anything, but it’s the better option.