Club of the Week: Musician’s Guild

Isabella Gentile, Features Editor

Sports events garner a lot of buzz here at RWU, but there are other outlets where students who enjoy the arts can indulge in their passions as well. Musician’s Guild is a club on campus where students can express their musical likes and talents while surrounded by others who share the same interests. While not extremely advertised, the club is definitely an important one.

The club sees about 15 members on average at its regularly held meetings, but numbers jump significantly at the beginning of the semesters. Whether the group sees a lower or higher number of students, members are still just as enthusiastic to dive into different types of music. They meet on Wednesday nights, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in CAS 162.

Club meetings definitely have an informal and comfortable vibe. Members discuss club topics and participate in casual jam circles known as “Expression Sessions.” According to senior Colby Masse, treasurer of the club, “Expression Sessions are lowkey opportunities for members to play and listen to each other’s unique musical talents.”

Music of all kinds is showcased at meetings, with differences in instruments, singing styles, and basic song categories. The club rarely focuses on one type of music. Senior Miranda Coker, Secretary of the Guild, emphasized that anyone who has an interest in music would fit right into the group: “Whatever style you like to sing or whatever instrument you play, it’s welcome at Musician’s Guild.”

The club may be open to all types of music, but members definitely have favorite genres that come around more often than others. Coker said that she is “heavily involved with the theater department here at RWU, so [she] really enjoy[s] musical theater.” She also noted that she loves indie rock music.

As far as events on campus are concerned, the club usually holds a few open mic nights each semester. These are usually more structured than typical club meetings, as they are more large-scale functions on campus. Coker said that club members “set up a more professional performance space and have a more organized order of who’s going to perform.”

The love for music, no matter what genre or method of performance execution, bonds the members of this club. Students are given the chance to share and express their passions with others who enjoy the same activities, and there are not many experiences more valuable than that. Check out the next meeting of Musician’s Guild on Wednesday at 7 p.m.