Step out in style this Valentine’s Day

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so don’t wait until the last minute to pick out the prefect look for a special V-day date. Valentine’s Day may seem phony and pointless to single millennials, but it has the potential to be a sincere and memorable day for people in romantic relationships, especially if you are dressed to impress for the night. If you’re heading out on V-day candlelit dinner with your significant other, you’ll want to dress the part to make the evening magical and picture perfect.

            Ladies, when picking out a color to wear on your V-day date, it is perfectly okay to think cliché and immediately choose a slinky red dress. After all, this dreamy day only comes once a year. If you decide on the color red, pair it with some subtle shades to satisfy the bold color. A tight, fiery mini dress would look cute and trendy if worn under an oversized light denim jacket with thin strappy stilettos. If you are aiming for a more casual style, pair the dress with some crisp white converse or chunky black ankle boots. If dresses aren’t your thing but you want to stick with the red Valentine’s Day theme, opt for a rosy sheer button down with high-waisted, dark skinny jeans. The sheer top is both classy and flirtatious, especially when worn over a lacy black bralette.

            To incorporate “wow factor” finishing touches into your V-day attire, go for the gold. Fine gold chain necklaces or slender hoop earrings make for a pretty touch that your date will definitely marvel over. Slip on stacks of tiny golden rings to enhance your final look and to bring out a new shiny manicure. Another aspect of your V-day look to consider when getting ready is hair and makeup. Your date wants to eat dinner with the true you, not the face of a photoshopped magazine cover model. Do your inner and outer well-being a favor and go light on the makeup for Valentine’s night. Sweep on some light pink blush to highlight your cheekbones, go for a clean glossy lip, and a little mascara never hurts to make eyes pop in the most complimenting way. This natural look will give you confidence to be yourself and appreciate your true beauty during your V-day date.

            Girls aren’t the only ones who should take the time to think about what they are going to wear on their dream Valentine’s date. Guys also must play dress up for the night to impress and attract their date. When picking out your V-day suit, stick with deep blues or a sleek black, despite the red-coded holiday. Dusty grays and dark greens are also fitting for the winter season and upscale occasion. V-day doesn’t have to be the night to step out in a full blown tux, but it’s also the night to ditch the Nike mid-calves and college sweatshirt. Throw on a pair of your best fitted dark jeans. Slimming dress pants also offer a sophisticated vibe in exchange for denim. For a top, experiment with pullover cashmere sweaters or dark colored button-downs tucked into jeans with a belt. Leather or suede sneakers always have the power to subtly tie together a polished look while keeping it cool and young. Before heading out into the cold, throw on a tailored blazer or edge it up with a black leather jacket to totally catch your lover’s eye.