How to stay stylish during the winter months

: Rachel Bimonte, Herald Contributor

This past week may have felt practically like a heat wave, but allow me to assure you, the spring weather is probably not here to stay.

This winter we have experienced temperatures in the single digits for weeks at a time, and it sure can be hard to stay stylish in that kind of weather. However, with these few tips to incorporate into your every day looks, you’ll be able to come out on top, even in the cold temperatures.

Tip number one: Invest in a few really cute jackets! Something I always like to do each fall is shop around for jackets that may be discounted due to a pre-sale. For instance, I found my Guess black winter coat at Marshalls for $60 back in October — and I wear it almost every day. When I have my black coat on, I know I’ll be styling around campus because I genuinely like the coat and the style of it. My go-to raincoat is Calvin Klein, which always keeps me fashionable even when it’s raining. My point is that if you invest in a couple of coats that you love and that fit your personal style, winter seems a lot more stylish than it is led on to be. Think of it this way — people only really see you in jackets during the winter anyway, so you might as well seek out a couple of nice ones that make you feel good.

Accessories, accessories, accessories! Another tip to winter fashion is styling your outdoor ensembles the right way. So you invested in a nice coat or two, now what? Well, make sure you have a pair of boots that match, grab three to four winter hats, and a couple of scarves as well. If you’re into gloves, that too! This winter I got a cute hat with a pom-pom on it and it is white — it practically goes with all of my coats. If you start to get two to three scarves per year, you’re sure to build up quite the collection and then you can have a lot of options for years to come.

You may be thinking, what if I don’t even like to dress up in the winter because it’s so cold and I just want to be warm and comfy? Don’t get me wrong — I love being comfy during the winter when all I want to do is bundle up. However, think of the times throughout the year that you can’t just throw on sweats and Ugg boots because you have an event to go to! By getting a couple nice coats, boots, hats, and scarves, you get the best of both worlds — stylish and bundled. Don’t worry — when you get home from whatever event that made you dress up in the freezing cold, your sweats will still be there and waiting for you to jump into them again.