Fashion brand, Rodarte, releases 2018 line through a stylish portrait series

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

The American fashion designer brand, Rodarte, released their 2018 lookbook in a photo series with clothes being modeled by a variety of female Hollywood stars. The release of the lookbook was in lieu of a traditional runway fashion debut. 

The photos not only focused on clothing covered in layers of mesh fabric and frilly ruffles, but also highlighted the power of femininity through the photography of pregnant women, sisters, and women of all ages and races. Sister designers of the brand, Laura and Kate Mulleavy, used a lineup of several famous women to promote their new 2018 line, giving off a breath of fresh spring air in the midst of a cold gray winter Photographer, Autumn de Wilde shot the images for the newly released fall lookbook.

Actress Kirsten Dunst used the lookbook images as a platform to confirm her pregnancy with her firstborn child while dressed head to toe in the art of Rodarte. In one of the photographs, Dunst glows in a pink gown with an overlay of white lace, channeling Mother Nature through pink roses on her wrist and woven into her wavy blonde locks. In an opposite look, Dunst appears sophisticated and chic in a tan trench coat that hugs her baby bump, with a dark brown bow on the neckline. Emanating the feeling of a classy and powerful soon-to-be mother, she poses in a strident but firm manner with her sleek patent leather high-heeled boots.

Contemporary R&B duo Chloe x Hall were also featured in the photo series wearing whimsical pastel gowns that flawlessly complimented their dark complexions. The 18 and 17-year-old sisters stand looking at the camera, surrounded by a bouquet of round, white, and blushing flowers matching the ones popping against their wrists and braided through their hair. The two girls stand confidently, one in a white strapless gown, and the other in the same dress, but in sky blue. They hold umbrellas loosely behind their backs, created from vines of flowers that match each of their dresses. In another shot, the sisters rock a more masculine style, with plaid red and navy blue trousers that slouch and tie high at the waist. They remain standing confidently with the floral umbrellas held above their heads — color coordinated with each of their outfits — expressing individuality and camaraderie simultaneously.

The Rodarte lookbook continued to highlight young women, featuring Disney Channel actress, Rowan Blanchard, known for her role on “Girl Meets World.” Blanchard modeled a red dress with ruffles of dotted mesh and matching gloves, while also representing the flower theme that is consistent within each of the Rodarte lookbook photos. The deep red color goes in-hand with the Valentine’s lovestruck season, and also portrays Blanchard as a bold young woman. Another young celebrity featured in the lookbook was the 18-year-old daughter of Reese Witherspoon, Ava Elizabeth Phillippe. Phillippe and Blanchard, who are friends off-set, both give off serious looks in their portraits, which are contrasted by the light and feminine garments on their bodies. This contrast promotes the strength and intensity that lies within women underneath their outer beauty.

The Rodarte Fall/Winter 2018 lookbook promotes the celebration of femininity through touches of sheer, lace, and flowers painted in colors such as reds and pinks. The line also expresses and endorses diversity by featuring women of various ages and races in beautiful clothing.