Cold Weather Styling Tips: Leggings Edition

: April Federico, Herald Contributor

In college, it’s inevitable that an early class schedule can deter you from wanting to look “nice” in the mornings as you’re forced to rush out the door with a messy bun and breakfast in hand. Many turn to every college students’ best friend: sweatpants, sweatshirt, and leggings. Here are some tips to, not necessarily “dress up,” but to still look cute and comfortable for those early morning classes. 

In the winter, a lot of girls tend to go for ultimate comfort: leggings and a huge shirt. Leggings, besides diamonds or even a puppy, are a girl’s best friend. An oversized sweater is one way to play-up a pair of basic black or gray leggings. For shoes, you could pair them with knee-high boots, regular boots, UGGs, fashion sneakers, or booties. Leggings can also go well with ballet flats. Some college students tend to pair them with moccasins, for a more casual look.

If you want to wear a cute dress, but want to skip the experience of feeling the discomfort of your tights riding up throughout the day, pair it with plain black leggings and tall boots for the winter time. I wouldn’t recommend booties for this one because they won’t keep you as warm throughout the day.

What about pairing articles of clothing to printed leggings? If you own a black sweater, you could definitely pair it with something printed, whether it’s with warm colors like orange, red, magenta, or with pastels. If the leggings have a black and white print, you could pair them with a pop-of-color sweater. For shoes, you could never go wrong with a brown or black pair of booties, Ked’s, or Converse.

A lot of girls on campus this winter are wearing athletic wear on a day-to-day basis. This sporty outfit could go in many different directions. You could wear an athletic shoe with printed, black, or any color workout leggings. Tip: Fabletics has a lot of cute printed and solid color leggings if you wish to take your sporty-chic level to the max!

If you really want to spice up your leggings look, add any type of scarf to beat the cold! My personal favorites are infinity scarves or a blanket-like, oversized scarf. If you want to glam-up your look a little bit, you could also add a statement necklace.

Lastly, velour is a trend that’s making a comeback from the 90s this season. A velour zip-up hoodie would look retro with a pair of athletic leggings. There are so many ways to experiment with leggings within your outfit, and it’s so easy to dress the legwear up.