Educating students on Safe Educational Experiences with S.E.X. Week

Anya Dussault, News Editor

Giving away free condoms, talking about the female orgasm, and some Sex in the Dark are only a few of the events included in the annual S.E.X. Week.

S.E.X. is an acronym for “Safe Educational Experiences,” and the programming is hosted by RWU’s Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA), an organization on campus that seeks to advocate for the student body, particularly students living in residence halls. 

Each year, S.E.X. Week takes on a different theme. This year’s theme of “Sex on the Beach” aims to prepare students for spring break, which will be occurring the following week. 

“We’re trying to focus on having a healthy spring break experience,” said senior Dorothy Wilkinson, the president of IRHA. 

The week of programming will kick off with Condom Casino, an event co-sponsored by Roger After Dark (RAD), where students have the opportunity to play a variety of casino games and win prizes, including condoms.

In a co-sponsored event with Sexuality Advocacy for Everyone (SAFE) and Fem Society titled “I Heart the Female Orgasm,” guest speakers will give a presentation all about the female orgasm. Some topics that will come up during the presentation include body image, consent, and whether or not to fake an orgasm. 

Although the title of the event seems to imply that it will cater specifically to certain individuals, there are many aspects of the presentation that will be relevant to all genders. Additionally, they will be giving out sex toys as prizes, which is why the speaker event tends to be a popular one each year.

A board game-themed Cabin Fever event will be held, featuring some “after dark” versions of some popular board games to spice things up.

Table times will include free mocktails, facemasks, sun skincare advice, and sandbox treasures.

Sex in the Dark, a popular event co-sponsored with the Health and Wellness Educators (HAWEs), will provide students with an anonymous setting to ask and answer questions about sex.

Finally, to finish off the week of programming, a volleyball tournament encourages the importance of getting exercise while on spring break, rather than simply eating and drinking your worries away.

“We want to focus on how to be a better and more well rounded person in your everyday life,” Wilkinson said, adding that, “safe sex is important for spring break because that’s something that students could come across, but there are other things we could focus on, too.” Safe tanning habits and healthy amounts of exercise are only a couple of these things that are highlighted throughout the week.

S.E.X. Week comes right in the midst of midterm examinations for some students, and IRHA hopes that it will provide many with an opportunity to relax.

After hearing the lineup of events, freshman Sarah Manton said that she is looking forward to the speaker event especially. 

“I didn’t realize that there is [programming] about these kinds of topics,” Manton said, adding that she is excited to learn more.

“Everyone has questions about sex, and to have the opportunity to ask them anonymously sounds pretty cool,” said sophomore Amelia Trommet. “It takes the awkwardness out of asking the question, but lets you ask someone in person, as opposed to, say, Google.” 

Wilkinson concluded that, although S.E.X. Week is fun, she hopes for people to understand that IRHA does its best to support students throughout the year, and not simply during its programming.