Alumni couple stands the test of time: Avery and Connor Szczepanek share their story

The Szczepaneks reaching milestones and enjoying life together.

Kiersten Resch, Herald Reporter

Some friendships and relationships formed in college are not able to stand the test of time, but for couple Avery and Connor Szczepanek, this is not the case.

 Their relationship proved to last throughout their years at Roger Williams University and will last for years to come. The Szczepaneks were married in October of 2017 after getting engaged in a cranberry bog.

 The two met in Willow 52 during move in on the first day of their freshman year. Avery, living on the bottom floor underneath Connor, would always have to tell the noisy boys to quiet down. Little did Avery and her friends know, Connor wanted her to notice so they could become friends.

 The plan worked; Avery said she had to go upstairs to “see what the noise was all about.” Avery and Connor were friends for over a year until they started dating in their sophomore year. They have been together ever since, and are beginning their lives together in Maine with their new puppy.

 Though both of them were involved in inter-varsity sports, they always found time to spend together.

“Our frequent dates consisted of Sip N’ Dip trips, Colt State Park trips, and walking on the shell path,” said Avery when asked about their love life while at RWU. Their junior and senior years at the university found them across the hall from one another in Bayside, so they were always a short distance away for date nights.

Since their graduation in 2015, both Connor and Avery are utilizing the skills they acquired through their majors here. Avery, a business marketing major, is now working for a law firm in Portland, Maine in the Human Resources department. Connor, a construction management major, is working as a project engineer for an electrical distribution company.

The summer of 2017 brought Avery and Connor closer than just being able to wave to one another from their Bayside residences; the pair bought a fixer-upper in Maine.

 “I’ve been building it back up so we can start our lives up here with our new puppy,” Connor said.

Although these two alumni miss life at Roger, they are happy to be married and settled into their new lives together.