All aboard the espresso train

_Caitlyn Hansbury_, _Opinions Editor_

It’s midterms week ladies and gentlemen, and that means long, late nights studying, little to no sleep, and seeing your trusty library cubicle more than your roommate. Many students, including myself, turn to coffee to get us through this highly stressful week. Some people channel their inner Lorelei Gilmore by consuming cup after cup until there is more coffee in their system than water, and others take a more tame approach and have a single cup a day. I fall somewhere in the middle, as my coffee consumption depends on the day. Some days I have a single cup in the morning, whereas others I’ve had three cups by noon.

There are many ways to enjoy coffee, as there are various drinks, flavors, temperatures and combinations available to you. Between the various specialty drinks, espressos, lattes, and regular cups of Joe, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although I prefer a regular cup of coffee, whether it be iced or cold, I also enjoy the occasional specialty coffee drink from Starbucks as a nice treat. 

On campus, there are plenty of options around to ensure you get your daily dose of caffeine, although some are far superior to others. An often overlooked location is the coffee cart in CAS, which has both hot and iced coffee available, as well as iced tea. Some of the more popular coffee destinations on campus include Starbucks in GHH and Dunkin Donuts in the C-Store of North Campus Residence Hall. A little known fact is that you can bring your own reusable cup to any of these locations to cut down on the number of plastic cups being thrown away. I consider that a double win, as you can do your part to save the environment while also saving money on your daily cup of coffee. Regardless of your coffee preference, you have plenty of options here on campus to get your coffee fix. 

Regardless of if you are a coffee fanatic and consume five cups a day or if you are the occasional coffee enthusiast, there are many ways to benefit from drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, which is the perfect way to help you overcome that 2 p.m. slump. In fact, coffee has more caffeine than tea, making it a great pick-me-up to help you through the second half of your day. Although the extra caffeine can be helpful throughout the day, make sure you don’t drink any coffee too close to bed or you might not be able to sleep through the night. 
As any college student knows, coffee is a necessary part of our lives, especially during stressful weeks such as midterms or finals. With all of the options on campus, finding a new, enjoyable, and affordable coffee drink shouldn’t be too difficult.