Tuition comparison

Sydney Borges, Herald Contributor

In order “to build the university the world needs now,” Roger Williams University has chosen six goals listed under “Our Vision” on the official website. These goals include working with local and global communities in order to address societal problems; utilizing transformative educational experiences to prepare students to fulfill their fullest potential; meeting the higher education needs of the learners at the university; being affordable for admitted students; hiring faculty, staff, and students who reflect the diversity of the region; and promoting sustainability as a core principle.

But how committed is Roger Williams University to its goal? Specifically when concerning the aspect of affordability, how does RWU’s tuition compare to that of similar colleges? To answer this question, several different aspects of various colleges/universities similar to RWU in size, academics, and campus life were investigated.

Each of the four schools – Bryant College, Bentley University, Endicott College, and Salve Regina University – had an undergraduate student body ranging in size from 2,000 – 4,000 students and had a 93 percent average of freshman population living on campus.

When it comes to tuition costs, RWU seems to compare similarly to these four schools. Based on the tuition prices listed on each university’s official website, RWU’s per semester tuition is lower than that of the other four universities. Additionally, it is the only one that ensures a tuition freeze.

Compared to the national average, RWU is relatively well priced. The national average for four-year private universities for the current 2017-2018 school year was $34,740, about $2,500 over RWU’s $32,232.

According to a CNN article, in the past year, the average annual price for four-year private colleges rose by $800 and by $300 for public colleges. Thus, perhaps the issue of tuition cost for students at RWU is not one tied directly to the university, but rather a problem tied to the ever-rising cost of obtaining higher education.

While this news does nothing to alleviate the financial burden students are facing, it might bring them comfort to know that RWU seems to be on the lower end of tuition costs.