Cozy Campus Study Spots

: Kaylee Pugliese, Photo Manager

Tired of living in the library or GHH? Try one of these underrated campus study spots.

The Great Room

This room is located on the second floor of North Campus Residence Hall. This large, open room has comfortable chairs and couches, a fireplace, and huge windows that overlook the turf field and the bay. Not many students spend time here, so it is usually rather quiet. Take in the beautiful sunset views over the water and get cozied in for a good study sesh.

The kitchen on the third floor of GHH

“I really like it here. It really depends on the day in terms of busyness, like on Fridays it’s super nice because no one’s in the offices,” said junior Molly Herman. Way up on the top floor of GHH in the midst of faculty offices lives a small kitchen normally used by faculty. As very few students venture up to this floor, it is regularly empty. There is plenty of space to sprawl your books and notes out on the table. There is a microwave if you need to heat up some quick study easy-mac. Nervous about campus study areas filling up during finals week? Sneak up to this spot and crank some studying out.

The Barn

“I love it here,” said sophomore Jenna Arkontaky, who can be spotted hanging out in the Barn almost daily. Later in the day, the hustle and bustle of dancers and theater rehearsals in this building has quieted down. On the second floor, there is a small nook with a few couches and chairs where students nap, study, and hang out. Though it may seem like a bit of a hike through campus, it’s worth the walk. If you are in need of a quiet and incredible comfy place to work, you will find it here. 

Hawk’s Nest

When rush hour is over, the Hawk’s Nest is a quaint, spacious spot for studying. There are plenty of tables and couches for you to have a choice for your studying needs, and you are right next to the bistro in case a study-break snack or smoothie is needed. There is also a pool table and TV’s for when you need to unwind after some strenuous studying.