April showers bring…out the rain gear

: Rachel Bimonte, Herald Contributor

Unfortunately, after this lovely winter we’ve had, we don’t get to have nice weather just yet. The way it usually goes is that we get a ton of rain here in Rhode Island come April! Luckily, we have a couple ways to feel and look good, even when the weather doesn’t.

As I mentioned in my winter wear article, first things first is to have a killer rain jacket. That is the bottom line! If you do anything to stay stylish in the rain, invest in a raincoat; it’s basically the star of the show on a rainy day. If you’re like me, you use this bit of advice to run to Macy’s and find a nice Guess or Calvin Klein rain jacket. However, if that makes you say “no way,” you still have options! Companies like HFX Performance, Columbia, North Face, and Lululemon make really fabulous jackets that are on the sportier side! The best way to work it in any season is to stay true to you. If you’re feeling great in a rain jacket that suits you, that is really all that matters.

Moving on, shoes are the other star of the show. It really matters what we wear for a jacket (and remember, you’ll probably want a hood!), and what we wear on our feet. Everything else in between either doesn’t get affected by rain, or will probably dry. However, it’s hard for our shoulders and our socks to stay dry if it’s down pouring. A lot of students around RWU opt for either L.L. Bean boots or Hunter rain boots when it’s raining. If you’re not a fan of either, fear not; I come bearing options. I currently sport a pair of Michael Kors rain boots, but I know there are a ton of other brands out there with rain boots as well. Some include: UGG, Ralph Lauren, Madewell, Tommy Hilfiger, and London Fog.

Like I said earlier, if you have a good jacket and good shoes, you should be all set. However, if you want to be on the safe side, here’s a couple tips. Jeans are warmer, but take longer to dry than leggings. Leggings on the other hand will get soaked, and that may be a bit uncomfortable. A happy medium? Try workout leggings! They may repel the rain and keep you dry. Don’t take time to do your hair on a rainy day, it is either going to get wet, or be so wrapped up in a hood that by the time you take it off, it’ll be a mess. Instead, opt for a slick pony, a messy bun or my personal favorite, a braid! As a last tip, wet makeup is no fun. Use all the waterproof options you have (mascara and brows) and do minimal face makeup —  you’ll thank yourself at the end of the day.