Racy Stacy: A Girl’s perspective to all things sex

Racy Stacy, Herald Reporter

Hello Hawks,

This week, I talked to two ladies about what they like and don’t like when it comes to everything… sex! Next week, I’ll be asking the boys what their preferences are. For now, find out what girls said about what they like and don’t like in bed:

Butt stuff 

Girl #1: I don’t like when guys play with my butt. That’s where I poop from, so please stay away. 

Girl #2: I just don’t think it feels good. I don’t know how people enjoy that.

Drunk sex

Girl #1: I don’t like how sloppy it is, plus the guy can’t even get hard most of the time. I also feel like I don’t get pleased as much when we’re both really drunk.  

Girl #2: I don’t like it. I know he can’t finish but he insists that he can and it just goes on forever. 


Girl #1: I like kissing, it’s such a nice way to get into the mood. I also love lip biting, it turns me on really fast. 

Girl #2: I don’t like it when it’s slobbery or too dry. It has to be the right mixture. 

Giving head

Girl #1: I love giving blow jobs. I don’t have a gag reflex so I can deep throat for days. 

Girl #2: I like them in certain situations but other ones I don’t. Road head is so awkward, I feel like my mouth cramps up. 


Girl #1: I like when they play with my boobs. It really turns me on. Fingering turns me on too. When the guy touches the clit and rubs it in a circular motion, that’s the good stuff. I like when the guy is a little aggressive too. 

Girl #2: I like when the guy goes down on me. I really don’t like when a guy tries to get into it right away. I have to be wet. 


Girl #1: I like it when they moan, I feel like I’m doing a good job. 

Girl #2: I had a bad experience where a guy moaned way too loud and it was uncomfortable. A light moaning is nice, but too much is just weird. The good kind is when they don’t mean to but it just comes out naturally. 

Favorite positions

Girl #1: I like doggy style because the guy can go really hard and fast. I like when he grabs my hair too. 

Girl #2: I like when he’s sitting and you’re on top facing him. It’s a really good position to help girls orgasm too. 

Period sex

Girl #1: Absolutely not, off limits. Sometimes I need a break from sex and it’s also too messy. I’m so horny on my period but I refuse to have sex during that time. 

Girl #2: It depends; if my flow is super heavy I won’t. Most of the time I don’t care otherwise. 

Shower sex 

Girl #1: I have to be in the right mood for it, but I love when the guy picks you up and pushes you against the wall in the shower. 

Girl #2: I don’t like it. I think it hurts. 



Girl #1: Please yourself if you need to. Sometimes the guy can’t do it for you. 

Girl #2: It’s okay to help yourself a little, especially if the guy is new. If they don’t know what you like and don’t like, it can be more difficult.  

Music during sex?

Girl #1: I feel like it’s very awkward with someone new if there’s no noise. If you’re really feeling feisty, throw on some turn-on music.

Girl #2: A little noise is good, even if it’s a movie or something. 

 Check back next week for the guys’ perspective!