Lately in London… Sightseeing in the beautiful Santorini

Rosalita Capoldo, Foreign Correspondent

This past weekend I got to travel to my “childhood destination vacation” spot: Santorini, Greece. 
Everything about it was incredible: the food, the views and even the people. However, the best part about this trip is that for a whole weekend, this paradise was mine.
My friend and I rented a studio apartment overlooking the Black Sand Beach in Kamari, Greece. We had a perfect view of the ocean, the mountains, and even a couple of palm trees. As any person who just hopped off a plane would do, we immediately headed to grab lunch. We ate at this adorable local restaurant that served to die for gyros, pita, and tzatziki, and I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best meals of my life. 
Actually, a similar statement goes for just about all the food I ate while visiting Santorini. The spices, the flavor pairings, absolutely everything was incredible. I think it is safe to say that Mediterranean and Greek food have become my new favorite cuisine.
While visiting Santorini, my friend and I also partook in a snorkeling excursion, visiting Fira, and, of course, enjoying a sunset dinner. Snorkeling is always fun, but let me tell you, snorkeling in water that is already perfectly clear without goggles is a whole other experience. We got to go in a cave and swim around the mountain’s edge. 
As for Fira, picture everything you’ve imagined Greece to look like — the pastel and white houses, the water’s edge — and you’ve got it! Fira is basically the perfect Instagram location, and I can promise that no picture perfect moment was spared. It was a city I never wanted to say goodbye to.
But despite the incredible food, views, and perfect moments, I found that the people were what made my trip so memorable. I know that I’ve been finding myself saying this a lot, but the people I have had the pleasure of meeting give me such faith in humanity. Every single person that we walked by on the street would smile and wave to us. If we were lost, they would immediately jump to help us. If we could not decide what/where to eat, they would spare no details in what they personally would recommend. They made us feel so at home in a place so far from home.
I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I am so excited for my next trip to Greece (which is in approximately 12 days and during the most ambitious travel experience of my life). I cannot believe how beautiful this world is, and can think of no better reminder of as to why we need to preserve it. Cheers, Santorini!