“Crazy in Love” with Coachella Fashion

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

Intricate lace, mesh overthrows, and sequined bralettes dominated the renowned Coachella music festival’s grounds over this past weekend in Indio, California. The picture-perfect, Palm Springs desert location combined with trendy music and A-list celebrity attendees makes for the ideal scene to find original style inspirations. Every year, festival-goers ditch minimalism and leave the fashion safe zone with their eye-catching Coachella outfits. Their crazy outfits may be overwhelming to emulate on a simple summers day, yet there are still ways to incorporate bits of Coachella style into your own summer wardrobe.

This year, Coachella fashionistas stepped out characterizing desert gypsies and bo-ho queens. Many rocked glittered covered complexions and rainbow French braids bouncing on bare backs to the beat of EDM. Endless intriguing looks roamed the fairgrounds, but lace, mesh and sequins ruled the Coachella runway this time around. These three workable materials are so simple to incorporate into a casual summer look.


This timeless and familiar fabric has been in the fashion eye for quite some time, making its mark at Coachella on delicate bodysuits and ground sweeping kimonos. Bodysuits are a staple for the summer season. They’re easy to slip on and reveal glowing summer skin. A black lace corset bodysuit paired with denim cutoffs creates an elegant-casual combination — a sexy and easy look for a summer day party. Opt for a deep V-neck so you can pile on layers of long gold necklaces to compliment the lace pattern. Slip on black skinny jeans with the bodysuit to transition the look into the night life. Pair the body suit with leather ankle boots — nothing too dramatic to take away from the lace focus.  


Like lace, mesh is another playful textile to keep you looking and feeling totally cool during the steamy summer months. Many fashion bloggers and celebs centered their Coachella look around the transparent clothing, finding creativity with their under garments. Whether it’s a hole-y mesh crop top straight from the 80s or a sheer body con dress, the fun begins when choosing what to show off underneath. To maintain a summer feel, Coachella fashionistas wore thick strap bikinis with high-waisted bottoms under their mesh overlays. A concert might not be the best place to debut a new bikini, but if styled right, a two-piece suit can transform into an effortless and unconventional outfit. Nonetheless, feel free to sport this style more appropriately, at the beach with strappy sandals. You can also step out on the streets to rock your mesh with sneaks and a basic bodysuit underneath for a more urban and reserved look.


It’s fact that you can’t step on Coachella grounds without spotting dozens of sequins in the sea of music and fashion lovers. Sequins have been the boss of Coachella fashion for years now putting the “cherry on top” to any festival look. This past weekend, sequins made a big debut in the forms of bras, tube tops, and face accessories. Out of all the sequin supporters at the festival, Beyonce claimed queen of the sparkles when she stepped out on stage in a custom Balmain leotard, dripping in bright diamonds and black and gold sequins. Steal Beyonce’s diva look by overlaying chunky sequined necklaces over a black body suit. Slide on light-washed jeans to balance the dressy top half with laid back bottoms. Also, try out fun sequined bras and other cropped tops to shine just like the desert sun all throughout the summer.

Don’t let the wild fashion of Coachella intimidate you into never experimenting with these abnormal styles. Each trend — lace, mesh, and sequins — can be extracted from a single Coachella look and used for inspiration in your own summer outfits. It’s not about copying a whole head-to-toe look from your favorite fashion blogger who rocked Coachella. It’s about taking portions of an ensemble and adapting them so they suit your personal style, while staying on top of the hottest trends.