Racy Stacy: He said/she said

Racy Stacy, Herald Reporter

Hello Hawks,

Before I go into this week’s Racy Stacy, I would like to address some concerns that were brought to me about last week’s article.

I heard that there are some people who are upset at the choice of language used. When I began thinking about writing this, I thought of the benefits that could come from it. This column is anonymous, and I chose to make my sources anonymous as well so they felt as though they had a safe space to express their thoughts on the chosen topics. I think it is beneficial to have girls and guys respond to these comments because there are many misconceptions about what people like about sex, and here you have two people (now four) giving readers their honest opinions. 

In the past, I have written about how to have safe sex, what to do when you get dumped, and I also had a friend write a column about lesbian love. The point of this column is to benefit the readers who may be going through a similar situation, or have questions on the topic being discussed. Based on the positive feedback I have gotten from many students, I feel like I have fulfilled that purpose. For the individuals who may not be interested in this column, there is an abundance of great content in this newspaper that you may read. That being said, this week is all about the guys and their preferences on sex. I hope you enjoy!

I talked to two dudes about what they like and don’t like to offer the other side of the story. If you’re curious to hear what guys think about kissing, foreplay, period sex, and more.

Butt stuff

Guy #1: Never done it, but I’d be interested in trying it.

Guy #2: I have done it and I loved it. It feels different. 


Guy #1:  It’s always the move. I enjoy it.

Guy #2: Depends who it is.

Giving head

Guy #1: It depends on the individual, you gotta know what you’re working with first. You don’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first.

Guy #2: I don’t wanna put my tongue in a dirty, smelly place. 


Guy #1: It definitely changes every time and it depends who it is. Sometimes you’re working against time.

Guy #2: It depends who it is and how much time you have.


Guy #1: I like moaning but don’t sound like you’re getting stabbed in the neck. I don’t wanna feel like I’m murdering someone.  

Guy #2: I feel like sometimes girls just moan because they think that’s what guys wanna hear but it’s super fake. I know what I’m doing and I know what will make you make noises, so don’t fake it.

Favorite positions

Guy #1: Every guy loves hitting it from the back. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay on your back with your hands behind your head though.

Guy #2: Whatever gives me the best view.  I just love watching the booty clap.

Period sex

Guy #1: That’s a hard no for me.

Guy #2: It depends. Shower sex while she’s on her period is okay.

Shower sex

Guy #1: It’s a move. Before, after, and in between, I’m all for it.

Guy #2: Hell yes. Pretty much always a go to.

Music during sex?

Guy #1: Do I like it? Yeah. But do I specifically put it on? Not really.  

Guy #2: It doesn’t really matter to me.