Overheard around campus: The best-of student snippets

Kaylee Pugliese, Photo Manager

Walking around campus, it’s pretty easy to overhear bits and pieces of conversations of passers-by. Sometimes, the things people say can sound pretty crazy out of context.

“I write the dopest memes,” said a guy sitting in Commons and munching on his dinner. Memes are a pretty prominent part of our culture and I hope that thing young man is sharing his memes with everyone.

“I need a nap,” a girl in Global Heritage Hall said as she slouched back in a chair. Her study partner looked at her with a puzzled look.

“It’s 11 p.m., dude,” she said. The girl responded with, “Yeah. I need a long nap.”

We have all been there: exhausted and in desperate need of some shut-eye, so her statement is pretty relatable, especially with finals approaching.

A guy with car keys in his hand looked at his friends and groaned. 

“I think I’d rather drink milk than walk to the garage right now. I am lactose intolerant,” he said while all of his friends bursted out in laughter. It’s no secret that a walk across campus to the parking garage is low on the list of Roger Williams students’ favorite things to do.

In recent news, actor Channing Tatum announces that he and his wife, Jenna Dewan, are calling it quits. While some are mourning the end of the actors’ love, others are overjoyed that Tatum is back on the market.

“I heard Channing Tatum is single mingle again,” a girl yelled as she was exiting commons. Surely, lots of people can relate to her excitement.

Additionally, many people in the RWU community are getting angry about the fact that it is still so cold as April is passing by. Between the harsh wind, cold rain, and 30 degree air, students and faculty are over it.

“What is the deal with this cold weather? Honestly, I want to hibernate until Mother Nature is finished with her damn games,” said one girl, visually annoyed while looking out the window of Lower Commons.

Keep your eyes and ears open for other funny things that are said throughout campus.