Give your wardrobe a colorful makeover this spring

Snow may still be on the ground, and formidable in the forecasts, but that doesn’t stop spring colors from making it to the forefront of the fashion world.

One color that the fashion world is raving about is purple. Purple is the color of creativity and royalty and is making a breakthrough in the fashion scene. In fact, purple has the power to stimulate creativity in the brain subconsciously. It’s cousin, lavender is also making a breakthrough in the fashion industry this coming season, as well as mauve.

Another color that designers have incorporated into their designs is rose-gold. Rose-gold has been extremely trendy for phones, phone cases, and of course, clothing. Currently, rose-gold is trendy amongst athletic, laceless shoes. Rose-gold can be paired with colors like red, black, g, and even sky-blue. Bright blue and sky blue are also in style this season. Blue ignites energy, subconsciously.

Rose gold’s mother, the color gold itself, is also trendy this season, especially for accessories such as statement necklaces, bangle bracelets, and even shoes!

Military green is a fall color that has also stolen the spotlight for the spring. It is considered a neutral hue and pairs with pretty much anything. You could even pair it with the color white to achieve an early-summer look. Green, in general, is a color that is “in” this season. It’s not just for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Another neutral color that is quite common for spring is beige. Beige can be complimenting with animal print, greens, black, and rose-gold. 

With spring comes flowers, and with that, florals breathe life into your new spring wardrobes. Recently, florals have been popular with dresses and even on high-heeled shoes. Prints, in general, are quite popular in the fashion world come springtime – whether they are tie-dye, animal print, tribal, stripes (particularly black and white vertical stripes), and abstract prints. Stripes are also a preview of the summer fashion season, as they execute a nautical look.

Neutral colors are not the only hue that’s in this season; bright colors are also paving way this season. You can most likely see more bright colors in footwear and graphic t-shirts. These bright colors can be paired with black, military green, or any other “earthy” color.

Last, but not least, step up your outfit with a little bit of “glitz,” and by that, I mean glitter. Glitter is not just for accessories, but glitter can also put a little boldness in your step (literally). That’s right, you can also expect glittery shoes to be in style for the spring – especially during college formal season, so get yourself a pair of glittery high heels!