R.I.P Avicii

Tim Bergling, better known as the electronic Swedish DJ, Avicii, was found dead last Friday, April 20, at the young age of 28. The cause of death has not yet been released. 

Avicii’s musical career took off back in 2013 with his song “Wake Me Up” finding a place at the top of Billboard charts. The hit blasted through radios with a satisfying sound that pleased a wide audience. True fans of the artist will remember his breakthrough single “Levels” released back in 2011. The singer will be missed by millions, even considering that Avicii was out of the limelight since 2016 when he announced his retirement from touring and live events. Avicii had struggled with health issues in the past, and the exhaustion from his famous lifestyle led him to take a break from the musical career. No matter how he lived the last years of his life, Avicii should be remembered for his magical music that brought energy to music festivals nationwide and good vibes through the earphones of music lovers.

Avicii’s music is available on Spotify so you can commemorate the fan favorite DJ whose life and career was sadly lost too soon. Some of his most listened to tracks are “Lonely Together” ft. Rita Ora, “Hey Brother,” and “Waiting for Love.”

 The majority of his albums hold feel good tunes that are perfect to vibe out to on a sunny day. The artist was also known for his dubstep style that sparks the dancer inside of everyone. Whether you’re chilling with a group of friends or looking to turn up this weekend, blasting Avicii through your speakers will fill the room with happy faces and dancing feet. Let the legacy of Avicii’s music last by playing his songs on repeat, learning from the profound stories he tells within each one. 

Avicii was more than just a DJ; he gave electronic music a breath of fresh air and a prominent spot in current music trends. Avicii inspired beloved artists such as Kygo and Alesso, who continue to prove their success in the electronic music industry. This is thanks to Avicii, who opened the world’s hearts to this intriguing music genre. Rest in Peace.