Gaga over Gingham Style

: April Federico, Herald Contributor

There is a difference between your classic plaid and gingham, believe it or not. You can either call it gingham or “check,” but here in the fashion world, we call it gingham. Sure, you might be thinking that wearing gingham is like wearing a picnic table cloth. But with the right styling, we can assure you that you won’t be looking like one of those.

One classic gingham pairing is gingham and solid colors. If you want to get preppy with it, choose a navy-white gingham top with a pair of white jeans, or even a jean of a darker wash – maybe even a distressed jean for an edgier pairing. Add a pair of Sperry Topsiders to top the outfit off!

There’s more to gingham than just button-down shirts, however. If you really want to get on top of the trend, check out Rainbow Shops for gingham-galore. They have adorable clothes for cheap! One gingham trend that’s really making a scene this spring is off-the-shoulder gingham tops with tie-up sleeves. These are adorable with a basic black shoe. Another gingham trend that’s making the headlines this spring is gingham dresses. You can top them off with a high-heeled snakeskin boot, or a solid colored high-heeled boot. A skinny heel can really modernize the print well. Try wearing your hair up in a high ponytail to give yourself a sporty edge.

Gingham pants are another vintage yet classy look for the spring season. You can wear these with pretty much any solid color top. One color of gingham is black and white — the classic gingham print. A black and white gingham print pant would look especially chic with a black turtleneck sweater. For an even more vintage look, try a more colorful pair, like pink. I would personally stay away from red and white gingham. That right there is an outdoor picnic disaster waiting to happen! The color-combination works well as a top, though, and maybe as a pair of shoes.

That’s right, gingham also comes in shoes. Going off that classic black and white gingham print, that print on wedges is a really good combination with white jeans and even a black and white gingham top. They’re even cute as slip-on sandals with a bow. Paint your nails a bold color like purple, yellow, or even a hot pink to step up your game.

In short, gingham can go a long way, with any print, any color, and any heel, just as long as you feel confident and classy.