Instagram Worthy Shots around Bristol

Instagram Worthy Shots around Bristol

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

If your Instagram profile is in need of a makeover, head out with a camera and your besties to capture the hidden beauties of Bristol. You don’t have to travel far to get a 10/10 Instagram photo; there are sensational spots on and around the RWU campus. You will grab all of your followers’ attention by posting artsy shots of the world right outside your door.

Colt Memorial High School

If you are looking to present a regal aesthetic on your Instagram grid, then head to the Colt Memorial High School on Hope Street in Bristol. The large white marble building stands out against the surrounding green grass. Four columns stand tall on either side of the entrance with intricate design topping each. Two gargoyle statues sit on either side of the entrance steps, providing an eye-catching visual to include in your photos. The rectangular structure resembles a historical museum; a great location to capture some vintage-esque shots.

Colt State Park Bridge

As you drive through the popular state park located in Bristol, minutes from campus, the scene unfolds into a oceanic dream with the coastline right outside your window. The drive takes you to a stone bridge that is only designated for walkers and bikers. The bridge provides a rustic feel with its earthy tones and pond water resting beneath it. Try shooting your camera from afar to capture the entirety of the bridge, scaling its substantial size to the tiny person posing for the image.

The Shell Path

Get a different perspective of the Mt. Hope Bridge and head down to the shell path located underneath the Sailing Center. The short path is filled with several natural elements, creating the ideal photoshoot. Lined with towering wheat plants, the path takes you on a serene journey alongside the crystal clear bay. Grab a group of friends and capture candid shots as you stroll along the white shells.

Mount Hope Farm

 If you can describe your style as “country chic,” head to the Mount Hope Farm on Metacom Avenue to show off your personal style on your Insta page. The traditional barn house is covered in graying shingles with a clean white garage centered in the front. The building does not only give off a familiar feeling, but preludes to the summer months as it is comparable to a beach house on Cape Cod’s coast. Gather your friends when the weather turns warm to snap some standout photos in front of this old styled structure. Go further than just the building and utilize the enormous stretch of green land that surrounds the farm house. Capturing scenic shots with friends or by passers set in the distance.

Bristol Bike Path

            Capture an optical illusion visual at the Bristol bike path that rides alongside sailboat-filled waters. A prime spot to get the ideal shot is behind Sip N Dip Donuts on Metacom Avenue. The path and water are located steps behind the back of the coffee shop. The water meets a rock wall at ground level, separating the water from the pavement’s edge. If someone stands on the very edge of the rocks and the photographer sets themselves at a distance, the model seems as if they are walking on water with the ocean stretching far behind them. The illusion will definitely intrigue your followers based off the impeccable creativity of the shot.

Don’t restrict yourself to party shots inside a dorm room or pictures of typical outings to downtown Bristol. Spice up your Instagram profile by using these appealing attractions as the ultimate photoshoot destination.