A Reale connection

Andrew Hart & Megan Julian, Herald Contributors

Eli and Peyton Manning, Tiki and Ronde Barber, Pau and Marc Gasol, and the Molina brothers. All these brothers have played in the same league together and have played against each other, but have never played with each other. 

In general, how often do you hear of two brothers playing on the same team together? Sure, it is probably most common to hear of such an occurrence in the backyard, maybe in high school, but what about the collegiate level? That’s when the Reale brothers come into play. 

Danny and Gabe Reale, a junior and a freshman respectively, both started their lacrosse connection at Fairfield Warde High School in Fairfield, Connecticut and they credit that experience to their success today. 

“It was pretty cool, though it definitely built our chemistry we have on the field today,” Danny said, a defender for the Hawks.

“We got to push each other a little bit,” Gabe said. “My brother being on defense and me being on offense, we were able to play against each other, work off each other, learn each other’s games, and perfect it off that.” 

The brothers even used themselves as motivation for each other. “If Danny wanted to go to the gym and I didn’t, he kind of pushed me to go to the gym kind of just to push each other to do whatever we can to get better.”

With the transition from high school to college, the brothers noted that not only had the game changed, but their relationship had as well. On the field, the duo recognize their relationship as teammates instead of brothers. 

“I think we’re more teammates, just because when we’re on the field I try to treat Gabe just as much of a teammate as anyone else on the team,” Danny said.

Yet, they do acknowledge that being brothers allows them to be more stern with each other on the field and not come off on the wrong foot. 

Both Reale brothers agreed that playing beside one another has aided them while competing at the collegiate level, especially Gabe during the summers of Danny’s sophomore and junior year. He got a taste of what it was like to play with college kids.

“I was on a summer team and one game we were down a few players, so I asked Gabe and a couple of his friends to play with us,” Danny said. “I feel he really got a glimpse of what college lacrosse was like after that.”

Gabe being able to play with Danny over the summers aided him in integrating the freshman class in with the rest of the men’s team. Since Gabe was already friendly with the older players from doing overnights with his brother, it made the merging of the younger kids with the older kids a lot smoother. 

“Integrating the freshman class with the rest of the team is a big thing for the beginning of the year,” Gabe said. “You have to be sound with one another and trust each other to begin building these relationships to be the best.” 

The Reale brothers have an enormous amount of pride in competing in each and every game and their parents enjoy coming to watch both of them prove that. Danny said their parents were so happy when they decided to attend the same college. The parents could show equal support to both of them. It was also very beneficial having each other to help with moving in and traveling back home.

“They love it. It made things a lot easier for them,” Danny said.

The boys love having the opportunity to play with one another and also just be with one another while they are at school. They both are very thankful to always have a piece of home with them. They can always count on each other and talk to one another about anything; whether it is lacrosse related or family related, each one has the other to be there for them. 

The connection between Gabe and Danny Reale is something that is very true and hard to find. The bond has become even stronger because of their common goal of making their father’s dream come true. 

“Our dad always says that he waits for the day that my brother passes me the ball and I score, or I pass my brother the ball and he scores,” Gabe said. “We hope that it will happen this year or next year and really make our dad’s eyes glow.”