Flyer falsely advertising free cosmetics causes confusion, concern

Anya Dussault, News Editor

A flyer advertising free cosmetics samples was posted in the bathroom stalls of various buildings on campus, including the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the Recreation Center, and Global Heritage Hall (GHH). However, when individuals followed the link listed to become an official tester, they found that it actually leads to an Italian artist’s blog advertising his art.

Those who followed the link were alarmed and confused to see “#Terrorismo #islamico” hashtagged at the top of the first page that comes up. Despite initial speculations regarding the motives of the person who put up the flyers, the Department of Public Safety believes it to simply be a misprint of the link.

Public Safety received a call from a student on Wednesday, April 11 alerting them to the existence of the flyers as well as the fact that the website linked does not match with what is being advertised. They proceeded to notify the Office of Facilities Management, who then went into every bathroom on campus and pulled the flyers down. The following day, Director of Public Safety Steven Melaragno personally went out and checked the campus for any remaining flyers.

Melaragno made it clear that he doesn’t believe there is a threat associated with the flyers, adding that, if you translate the website, then you will read that the blogger spends a lot of time complaining about terrorism.

However, Public Safety is still investigating the situation because the person who put up the flyers did not receive permission from any university administrators to do so. As part of university policy, it is important that the administration is able to carefully manage what gets put up on campus to ensure student safety.

The message is clear: do not post unapproved messages around campus.