A$AP Ferg and 3OH!3 bring down the Field House

A$AP Ferg headlined this year’s Spring Concert hosted by CEN. He rapped some of his hottest songs, inluding “Shabba” and “Plain Jane.”

Kayla Ebner, Managing Editor

Students were lined up outside the Rec Center by 6 p.m. on April 26, eagerly awaiting the 2018 Spring Concert with A$AP Ferg and 3OH!3.

Freshman Maeve Gillis came straight from lacrosse practice to be first in line for this highly anticipated event.

“A$AP Ferg might smell me, but I’m front row,” Gillis said.

The night started off with a bang when 3OH!3 came on stage and got the crowd jumping with some of their classics and songs off their most recent album “Night Sports.”

“It’s a good day to be a Hawk! You guys ready to party your faces off or what?!”

The duo, Foreman and Nat Motte, brought back the middle school vibes with “My First Kiss,” “DONTTRUSTME,” and “STARSTRUKK.” The moment the artists began to perform “My First Kiss” the crowd went crazy. Students were singing along to every single word and jumping and dancing to the upbeat vibes 3OH!3 was sending out.

In an interview with The Hawks’ Herald, Foreman and Motte talked about how much they love playing at colleges and universities because it’s where they began their musical journey together.

“That’s kind of where we crafted our friendship and our music too,” Motte said.

They also talked about how much they love performing their old songs at schools because a lot of the college students they perform for tell them that they heard these songs in middle school. Their older songs bring out a nostalgic feeling for a lot of students, and 3OH!3 loves seeing people singing along.

“I think it’s great that it still has that feedback,” Foreman said.

The duo also got the crowed hyped up for A$AP Ferg, chanting “When I say ‘A$AP’ you say ‘Ferg!’”

Darold Ferguson, better known as “A$AP Ferg,” made his entrance and the crowd went crazy. Hands went in the air and people in the front rows pushed against the barriers.

Ferg talked to the crowd in between songs, asking them who has been listening to his music since the beginning and said that the concert was a celebration of rapper Meek Mill being released from prison.  

He also gave a shoutout to the ladies in the room, saying that he doesn’t know how he would be able to pay attention to his studies if he went to RWU.

In an interview with The Hawks’ Herald, Ferg said he has always been in love with music and started creating his own music in junior high school.

“My first form of rhythm and lyricism was poetry,” Ferg said. “Slowly I began to learn how to rap on beat.”

When asked about the messages he sends through his music, he says he wants to speak “my truth” and share things that he’s seen in his life.

“As I get older and I become more conscious of what’s going on around me, I’m more conscious of what I say in my music,” Ferg said. “I just try to speak the real.”

The concert was definitely a hit, and all 1,574 tickets sold out in just 2 ½ hours.

CEN Traditions Co-Chairs Darien Collado (sophomore) and Quinn Gaston (junior) expressed how fun it was to plan the event, despite a few bumps in the road, and how excited they were to have A$AP Ferg and 3OH!3.

Even though Ferg arrived later than planned, Collado thought the concert went great.

“His performance went without a hitch, even without sound check,” Collado said. “The crowd loved it, it was awesome.”

Junior Mia Cana said the concert came out “with a bang” this semester.

“3OH!3 was awesome. My sixth grader self came back to life,” Cana said. “The energy in just one room was insane. It was the first time I witnessed our school unit as one.”