Yeezy Collection inspires color-blocking in fashion world

: April Federico, Herald Reporter

Pairing one color for an entire outfit can be cool, but it would be even cooler to have a pop of color. One trend that’s in for the spring and summer is color-blocking. Kim Kardashian is one celebrity that has definitely taken advantage of this trend. Color-blocking with neutral colors like black, taupe, military green, and ivory are in right now, as well. For example, an ivory dress with pink strappy open-toed shoes – so cute! But what about a red dress with a printed shoe or even a black heel? That’s one way of pairing neutrals with colors.

Kim Kardashian has gone above and beyond in terms of color-blocking. She certainly loves to pair the color orange with turquoise heels and a satin top of any color. If you look on social sites like Instagram, you can definitely see more satin being color-blocked. Color-blocking can also be used in colorful bathing suits, as well as just regular cotton fabric clothing. Pairing black and white is also an example of color blocking because they are such contrasting colors. Pair it with a bold red lip and you will look like a fashionista for sure! Pairing any bold color with black is a daring move in fashion, but worth it.

Kim K’s husband, Kanye West, is just the opposite when it comes to his shoe brand. His shoe brand and fashion line, Yeezy, comes in solely neutral colors. Suede is a popular fabric to use when color-blocking. Suede can be found in all colors. If you have a neutral colored jumpsuit, pair it with a bold d’orsay flat or even a wedge or platform heel. You could even pull it together with a bold statement necklace of any color or type. If it’s a little chilly outside, pair it with a suede jacket – or any jacket for that matter, as long as it’s colorful. Other celebrities who have tried this color-blocking trend are Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell, and America’s Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks. The fashion industry has definitely taken this trend to the next level, and so should you if you’re feeling adventurous.