22 tips for the Class of 2022

Isabella Gentile, Features Editor

1. Do NOT take a tray for your food when you eat at Upper Commons.

2. Get a RIPTA pass from the ID office near lower commons. They’re only $1!

3. Keep your student ID and room key on you at ALL TIMES.

4. Baypoint lunch counts as a meal swipe. Try it!

5. Check out all of the clubs and orgs on campus and be open to trying new things!

6. GHH is the only building on campus that is open 24/7. You will need your ID to get in after a certain hour though.

7. Find the shell path and take a stroll. 

8. Kayaking on campus is free! Check it out down by the sailing center.

9. While you’re down there, ask about sailing lessons! Our school offers those too.

10. If you’re looking for peace and quiet to study, try the third floor of the library. It is completely silent.

11. Spot a campus cat, but do not chase one.

12. The pool occasionally does open swim. Also, we have a sauna!

13. Public Safety’s EMERGENCY number is (401)-254-3333.

14. Bars around school WILL recognize fake IDs. Do not try to use one!

15. But Providence has a bunch of 18 and over clubs! Take the RIPTA in and try one for a fun night out.

16. At the end of each semester, going to Late Night Breakfast is a must. 

17. Utilize the Tutoring Center on the second floor of the library! You can get help with writing, math, or science, and all services are FREE.

18. All of the stations at Lower Commons are open until at least 11 p.m. every day of the week! Weekend hours for some are even later. Go there for a late night bite.

19. The gym on campus offers FREE exercise classes, such as Zumba and yoga.

20. The phone number for the closest Domino’s to campus is (401)-254-0404. They deliver.

21. A new issue of our newspaper comes out every Thursday! Pick one up in your nearest academic building/Commons and catch up on campus news.

22. Have fun but set priorities too! Make this year a great one, both socially and academically.